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  1. mine did the same thing but it cracked the flywheel so i had to replace it also very frustrating but lesson learned the hard way
  2. it is the nut that holds the clutch boss on , it has a lock washer on it, i get it tight and put it back together and start it and it spins off but the lock washer is still on the nut. i know it has to be a easy fix but i cant wrap my head around it
  3. my bike just got a new clutch cable i thought it was my problem but inside the bolt that holds the clutch basket wont stay tight i have tightened it six or more times and it keeps comin off any thoughts thanks
  4. so i took the top end off to check to see if i broke a ring. everything looked good. while taking the head off i noticed 1 of the exhaust shims was gone put a new one in put it all back together and it still would not fire. i am just about to the end of my rope:bonk: any other ideas ?
  5. crank, piston, cam.before i put it in the bike i checked the vavles they where within specs.
  6. i just rebuilt a 2004 crf250 got the bike all back together started it let warm up then cool down did that 3 times. then i took it for a little ride 10 minutes max ofter it cooled down again i started it up ran for 15 seconds then it died. Not like out of gas died, it was like a stall now it will not start.checked the timing it was still good still have spark i did put a stage 2 hot cam in any help would be great
  7. yes it does crank good compression, fuel, just no spark
  8. bike was running great shut it off for a minute then it would not fire back up checked all the wiring looked good. I think I am over looking the easy fix any help would be great:bonk:
  9. we have braaap:applause: it was those LITTLE shims we checked the clearance and there was none on the outside vavle . Thank you guys for all of your help!! Lesson learned:prof:
  10. we did not do any head work ,that is what we are going to do next thank you
  11. ya, it is on tight
  12. yes I checked it they were good . I think I need to get a compression checker and go from there . Thank you for your input
  13. I cleaned the carb and checked all the wire conections , timing still nothing. Could the balance shaft be out of time ? That is the only thing I can think I might have screwed up .
  14. I rebuilt the motor and now it will not fire i have rechecked the timing I have spark and fuel any suggestions I am stumped ? I also put in a new plug still no brrrrrraaap:banghead:
  15. I live down in monticello and could probably get a few guys up there on saturday.