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  1. For the rear suspension on my ttr 125 after i did my yz front swap i just stiffened up the stock rear spring and drilled a hole to lower the mounting point in the frame and it raised the bike perfectly to match the new height of the front and so far it hasnt given any trouble and i use mine for motocross racing
  2. its in the right gear and it only bogs at about mid throttle
  3. my friend has a 04 crf 150 and it bogs some of the time and he got taken out in a turn and his bike wouldnt start. so i was wonderin if you guys knew what was wrong with it?
  4. what companys make an aftermarket rev box for a ttr 125 and does anyone have one and how well do they work?
  5. what is the spark plug gap supposed to be on an 04 crf 150?
  6. yea sorry if im confusing you
  7. im saying sometimes it will shift and other times it wont
  8. it seems like it isnt bent cause it will shift just fine some of the time then other times it wont want shift at all
  9. i went riding today and after i rode for awhile my bike didnt want to shift at all so i was wonderin if this has happened to anyone else and what do i need to fix it? i have also got rid of the stock linkage shifter
  10. i also just got done modifying my exaust and airbox and if i add a cam to that i will notice a big difference in power?
  11. i was wondering if any one has used a hot cam for a ttr 125 cause i found one on ebay and was wondering if they are any good http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/YAMAHA-TTR125-TTR-125-HOTCAMS-PERFORMANCE-CAMSHAFT_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35595QQitemZ4599348962QQrdZ1#ebayphotohosting jon