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  1. yeah all i found was shift levers but no brake pedal. so i guess i gotta go oem unless anyone else out there has an idea or one that could be easily adapted
  2. i have a 230 with a stock rear brake pedal that is pretty bent out of shape. so what are my options for getting a new one. is stock the only way to go? or are there any cool billet, anodized, etc ones? thanks
  3. i was talking to a buddy who was saying that the boysen quickshot and the powershot scarry fast are great for low end throttel response. But these wont work on a 230 correct cuse there is no accelerator pump right?
  4. i have 2 stock systems header and silencer in good condition
  5. Honda

    i have a 85 trx 250 that seems to have a clogged fuel vent line. the problem is i dont know where the line is. i am begining to think it is in the cap but have no idea. any suggestions or ides on how to fix this? thanks
  6. Honda

    any ideas on the suspension?
  7. Honda

    i recently got an 85 trx 250. the front suspension is shot. is there a kit i can get to rebuild it? like bearings and tie rods etc.? i am new to quads so any advice would be great as far as mods and the best place to get atv accessories. thanx
  8. yeah jet hot works great i did it to my truck's header and it still looks good and that was about 4 yrs ago.
  9. i have the renthal cr highs and i love em they have taken some abuse too.
  10. thanks for all of ur help i went down to the shop and exchanged it for the 2 stroke kit. it is the same thing without the hotstart lever. they went on easy no problem. I had to sodder(sp?) the 2 green wires together on the clutch cancel but that was the only mod needed aside from the removal of the rubber booties. they look great and hopefully dont break. i put some teflon tape under both perches to be sure. thanks again.
  11. would you use wd-40 and scotch bright on a bbr header or chrome one? wouldent it just strip the finnish
  12. okay thanks for all of the input. but when i looked up the levers there was a 4stroke one with a hot start and that is the one i got and a 2 stroke one that obviously does not have the hot start. so i guess what you are all saying is that i should exchange it and get the 2 stroke version. so is the hot start lever the only difference between the 2? thanks
  13. i just got some asv levers as a gift for my 230. they are the asv f-1 lever pack. anyway it is the universal 4 stroke kit and it has a hot start lever. so i was wondering if anyone out there uses this or do you people run the asv universal 2 stroke levers? is there a difference between the 4 and 2 stroke lever or does it matter? cuse the 230 does not have a hot start. right? thanks
  14. air filter? or maybe an air leak from the filter house to the carb?
  15. how do washers take off travel? isint it just adding preload?