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  1. richard11860

    tm radiators

    hi all,looking for a left radiator for a '02 tm 250 smoker.looking at it ,it looks like a ktm radiator.does any one know if it is and what model ktm is the same. thanks in advance guys.
  2. richard11860

    98 cr 250 piston

    thanks guys,that clears that up good,i also talked to my dealer and he said about the same thing.
  3. richard11860

    98 cr 250 piston

    hi guys, i am about to replace my piston and find that theres an A and B piston whats the go with that?the barrel has a B on it ,does anybody know what the deal with that is. thanks
  4. richard11860

    2008 Info!!! You heard it here first

    they said that about drum brakes when discs were new:banghead:
  5. richard11860

    My spokes are making me mad!!!

    what causes the spoke nipples to seize is dirt working into the threads due to the centrifugal force of the wheel turning.you need to use the correct spoke spanner that comes with the bike (new).i am having issues with my rear wheel (crf250r) as most of the spokes were seized and using the honda spoke tool i could get most off. you will find that the whole spoke will turn before damaging the nipples.i had to use vise grips to hold the spokes on every one.dont use vise grips on the nipples as they are alloy and will crush very easy.spray crc on the spoke and it will soak down into the treads and may work.i had to cut some spokes off ,so am going to black excel and new spokes.fwiw. i have used excel rims with oem spokes since 04 (expert vet mx) and they have been great with no adjustments at all since initial bedding in. i have noticed with honda wheels with loose spokes,if left to long the nipples tend to wear into the shape of the rim holes and are hard to tention properly.
  6. richard11860

    Rear spokes, Linkage bearings

    yes, as the grease holds them in.no problemo