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  1. Bjarn

    Yz 250 owners manual?

    Thank you! I think I will go to yamaha center and ask them for some prints, I dont have that much money to buy a hole book right now // Rasmus
  2. Bjarn

    Yz 250 owners manual?

    Hi! Is there anyone who can tell me where i can find a owners manual on the net? Or must i buy it? Grateful for answers! // Rasmus ps. Im from sweden...
  3. Bjarn

    When does it ignite?

    sorry, I see now that i didn´t made my self clear . I have the manual and a know how the camshaft shold stand. My question should have been. How do I know if it is the top position when it ignite or the one when it sucks in fuel? But now I have heard that yzf 426 ignite every time but every othertime it doesn´t have anything to set on fire . // Rikard
  4. Hi! I have some problems with my YZF 426 -00. How do you know when it ignite? I dont want to put the camshaft wrong so it ignites at the wrong time. Im from sweden... // Rikard
  5. Hi! With how much tourque do I thigten the head bolts and camshaft cover bolts on my Yamaha yzf 426:a. //Rikard