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  1. XRidiculous

    mods to do to a 1997 xr600r

    Put a Magura Hydraulic Clutch on.
  2. XRidiculous

    Lack of 600 threads

  3. XRidiculous

    Any dual sport xr riders around SE Michigan

    I used to ride my Xr6 DS around Mich, but realized that Motorcycling is best enjoyed year round... See Yaaaaa! Formerly of Lake Orion
  4. XRidiculous

    Lack of 600 threads

    Interesting thought...But if you mod like crazy, like I have, since I bought my bike new in '98-then other info really distorts what I'm truly looking for-other people,with my bike, who have experience directly related to it.
  5. XRidiculous

    Can you believe this... XR600R

    These guys are right on. But the STOCK header? Not Good. Upsize all exhaust, and get back to some reasonable jetting. I was at the cyclefest the first year, and I had to but some seriously small jets to keep the thing from bogging. (White Bros Stainless Header and E-Series Pipe)
  6. XRidiculous

    Unhappy With OEM TT Store UPDATED-NOW HAPPY

    Isolated incident...TT Store by far beats the all other internet stores...but I'm one state away, so they get me on the next train every time. Suggestion: Move to states that riding is a year round sport...
  7. XRidiculous

    Lack of 600 threads

    I have been noticing the lack of 600 threads lately. Most likely its because 600 owners have got their bikes built to their perfection, and they keep on running-ergo-nothing to post about... Proportionately, 650R owners continue to post, because no power gain is too small to talk about, considering the tank-like weight of the 650. Yes-this was written to get you riled. SEPARATE THE FRIGGIN' FORUM NOW!
  8. XRidiculous

    Twister,Cycra Question

    I ordered a Protaper Twister throttle tube, and a Cycra ProBend Racer Pack. What I cant find is the Twister Handguard insert. The Thumpertalk store says they are discontinued. I read a post that I might be able to use the Cycra insert and the Twister together. Anybody want to elaborate?
  9. XRidiculous

    Dual purpose tail-light for XR600?

    exaresix, Here's a photo of the Polisport rear fender from XRSOnly, a rear fender brace by acerbis, and an Edge Taillight assembly and Turn Signals from Wheeling Cycle Supply. The setup seems to be working well, and the taillight will not burn out now. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/178/417535116_ad412a2e00_b.jpg
  10. XRidiculous

    XR600 Case Saver

    My XRSOnly casesaver wraps around the sprocket more, and I used the stock guard as well.
  11. XRidiculous

    So, who still rides an XR600?

    My 1998 was the first new motorcycle I ever bought. This year I decided to start racing cross-country in the AMRA, and I joined the Rockstars Motorcycle Club. I know my bike is a tank, and most ride Yamaha 450's or KTM's, but I'm riding it until someone makes a V-Twin 350 with electric start and FI. period. I maybe waiting awhile-but the XR still rocks!
  12. XRidiculous

    XR600R - UnRideable!

    Everybody before me is wrong. I spent a week and a half trying to find this problem with my '98 Xr600. There is a circuit between the pilot jet and the main (its blocked from view by that round brass plug). That circuit got varnished over from not riding. Just proof that not riding is BAD! I had to take it apart, and soak the whole carb in carb cleaner for 24 hours, and then use compressed air to blow the snot out of it. My kickstart leg is still not the same after that episode. I use Stabil just for the heck of it now...
  13. XRidiculous

    to xr600 or not to xr600?

    I bought my '98 new in '98. Same motor, same clutch. You might buy other bikes-but you'll cheat yourself if you dont buy and keep this one in your collection.
  14. XRidiculous

    XR's only Beware

    Yeah, I too rambled about them. Seems to me if you know your machine, and have the answers, then XRS ONLY is a good place to get parts. It takes some finesse when dealing with them-but I've never had weeks to wait-i just called/or emailed the employee I put in charge of my order, and it was on time and correct. Really, there is only them and Scott Summers left, so be good to them (I cant even to begin to explain how cool Scott has been to me on past Six Days of Michigan rides).
  15. XRidiculous

    Mx Rear Fender

    I bought mine at XRS ONLY. The fender is made by CEMOTO, but I cant find a link.