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    Sportbikes, dual sports, airboats, scuba.Our entire family (wife, son, daughter and myself) races hare scrambles and a little MX in the off season.
  1. Florida

    Just checking in, some of us OP's in of this thread are still alive, well and still riding / racing.
  2. Florida

    Might want to check with Mesa now, my friend has been taking his young boys there, and there is something separate from the main track that they are riding. Where are you located? We pit ride here at the house occasionally.
  3. Florida

    We'll be ready to camp and ride when you are.
  4. I don't know any easy way. You can Google the VIN and see what comes up, unless you know someone at the tag office. Have to get a copy of the previous title. Sometimes Vermont is an option, but your bike doesn't meet their criteria.
  5. If it has been titled in Floriduh, you have to track down the title holder.. If it has never been titled here you can get it done without.
  6. Florida

    There goes the 'hood. (family duo x2)
  7. Florida

    Hey Don, wassup?!!!!!! Do you have your rig together? We are heading north on 7/28 to Alabama. We are going to race a 7 hour hare scramble with SECCA NW of Tuscaloosa, then we are heading to DP. Can you snake any time off. Would love to introduce you to my hare scramble family and ride with you again.
  8. Florida

    Sure been quiet here. The FTR drama has forced us to rec rde as opposed to racing. Having fun doing so, been to Croom a few imes recently.
  9. Florida

    Good to see you Don.
  10. Florida

    Notthemama sighting at Bithlo.
  11. The hunters here are bad enough at times, but the worst land grabbers here are the equestrians, and they're not seasonal.
  12. I've encountered hunters on the Wiregrass in the past, but our worst encounter was on one of the connecting forest roads on the Centennial - that guy was scary. Delancy generally seems to be less hunted IMO. I still don't understand why the hunters seem to get ticked off when they encounter OHV riders on a designated OHV trail.
  13. Florida

    Sorry for the delay, i'm not on here as often as I used to be. I see the FTR link was posted up. If you need any further info please shoot me a PM.
  14. Florida

    Welcome. Any interest in hare scrambles?
  15. Florida

    Very limited number of expensive memberships if it happens. The venturing off of the trails was the straw that broke the camel's back.