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  1. Webski

    Where are the 06 TC ride reports?!

    Thanks Guys. I am hungry for some info. Any comparisons to the KTM fourstrokes will be very helpful also. 35 years of riding and I haven't been this wound up in a long time. Really hoping the new Huskies are what I am looking for!
  2. Webski

    Where are the 06 TC ride reports?!

    Thanks Norman. Did the 510 seem to turn well as far as holding a line without standing up? Also, how did that Ohlins shock track. Did the suspension soak up breaking bumps and small chatter as well as firming up smoothly on the big hits. I have dealt with some pretty spikey suspension the last few years and I think the Ohlins rear and Zokes up front would be nice stuff. I forgot all about the 125. Can you tell me more about the power and suspension on it too? Thanks again.
  3. I need to see some TC ride reports on the new TC's. Somebody has to be riding them by now and we need some real world evaluations! I'm looking at getting back on a Husky in a big way. My last one was a 1981 CR250. Wow that was a long time ago. Anyway, it doesn't matter what size, 250, 450 or 510, I want to hear it all. Thanks.
  4. Webski

    WR250 Thread?

    No trades. I came across four leftover 2004 bikes: TE450, TE250 and WR250. I got them right and am just passing the savings on. If anyone is interested shoot me a PM or call me at 816-718-8778. Thanks, Paul
  5. Webski

    WR250 Thread?

    If anyone is still looking for a 2004 model, I have a brand new leftover for $4K.