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  1. Greetings.I'm new to the sight (at least logged on) and new to off road riding.I'm hoping to tap into the wealth of experience and knowledge here at thumpertalk. I know that this is a thumper sight but I'm hoping that there are enough converts out there that I can find some help. I've been riding a friends xr 400 and think it's time to move on to my own bike.I've decided on ktm and am looking for used. I've narrowed it down to two 2 strokes and two 4 strokes; 250/300exc and 400/450exc. I'm familiar with the feel of the 4 strokes and really like the low end grunt and manageable power delivery.However the bikes are heavy and I was thinking that the power to weight ratio of a two stroke might be more fun.The problem is I have'nt ridden a 2 stroke on the trail and don't know what to expect.I'm 6'0", 165lbs. and 50 years old. I ride varied terrain but enjoy woods riding the most. I'm informed of the differences between the 2 and 4 strokes mechanically but could really use help with how the two bikes FEEL on the trail. Is the 2 stroke power delivery friendly? Is the low end torque the same?Can the 2 crawl along the technical sections? Are the 2 strokes fun and friendly to ride? My friend says the 4 strokes are easier to ride.Why? Thanks in advance for taking your time to help me out! I gotta say,I really like these little icons.