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  1. EchoDan

    Jetting '05 CA DRZ400e

    Great, thanks for the help!
  2. Hey Burned - guru of the carburetor , yet another jetting question. I've got an '05 Ca DRZ400e I need to get jetted properly. Just installed full Yosh exhaust w/ new style TEC (came w/ exhaust) & removed snorkel. 80% of riding is at 3,500 ft., 20% at sea level. 50 - 75 degrees (usually). I've got the DJ kit - specific to the Ca DRZe (DJ#3111CA), for a stage 2 install the kit recommends using a 155 MJ and the clip installed 3rd grove on the needle. From researching other threads regarding this, I cannot find anything relevant to this application. What are your recommendations? Thanks for all you do in this forum, much appreciated.
  3. EchoDan

    Kicker version and California registration

    All 2002 & earlier are Green Sticker. The '03 E is Red Sticker. The '04 and later E gets the Green Sticker because it shares the powerplant out of the S model. Typically, the S versions get plated , not sticker-ed. The DMV uses a special character in the eighth position of the V.I.N. to tell them if a bike gets a Green or Red sticker for '03 and later machines. They were so screwed up early on that they gave all '02 and earlier Green - then started fresh with 2003 models.