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  1. http://www.repairmanual.com/ I have never ordered from here before, but I have heard they have good service.
  2. SuzukiBro

    Hanging upsidedown

    Wouldnt want your little sister to get a hold of that hand held device while you were stretching yourself out.
  3. SuzukiBro

    Motocross needs you!

    Voted. Only 6 more % to take the lead
  4. SuzukiBro

    Throttle pins itself, whats up?

    I might have a solution. This same type of thing happened to me when I rebuilt my bottom end. I put everything back together and fired it up. At first it bogged, then the rpms shot up to redline (!!!!! brand new top end !!!!!). For some reason the kill switch wouldn't shut it off, even though the switch was functioning normally. So I ended up splitting the cases THREE TIMES without the proper case splitting tool (AKA carefully placed chisels). After hours and hours of work, I realized I put the gasket on the wrong side of the reed cage. This caused an vacuum leak. Anywho, I put the gasket on the other side of the reed cage and the bike has run perfectly ever since. Your symptoms sound like some kind of vacuum leak.
  5. SuzukiBro

    Carnige MX Track (Tracy,CA)????

    I've walked it a couple times. It is around 55 feet.
  6. SuzukiBro

    Power now and twin air powerblade and porting

    I don't recommend paying $200 for two pieces of metal in your carb that might help slightly at half throttle. You can polish your exhaust port yourself with some 400 grit sandpaper. I wouldn't touch the intake port.
  7. SuzukiBro

    Rings need to be replaced?

    I think i will just keep the rings on. I have an extra pair, so I will just change them when the bike starts to run bad
  8. So I rebuilt my bottom and top end on my RM250. I put everything together and I fired it up, the engine revs to red line (ouch, brand new top end kit), and the rev limiter shuts it off. Turns out, I had a kill switch malfunction. prefect timing for my kill switch to quit working. Anywho, we found out there was a vacuum leak due to the left crack gasket having a small rip in it(don't ask, long story). So my question is, do you guys think I need to replace the rings again, or do you think they just got seeded very well? I touched the cylinder after it happened and it wasn't too hot, So I know there was no overheating damage.
  9. SuzukiBro

    X Games flawed

    ^^It was very impressive. but I guess a body variable is 6 points more impressive? BOOOO, judges. Maybe they thought all of his piercings were cute so they gave him a higher score.
  10. SuzukiBro

    X Games flawed

    Speaking of Moto X best trick, what did you guys think of the winner? a 94.x for a body varial? Brian Deegan did that trick last year or the year before (cant remember). He won, but he was going against people barely doing backflips. I think Potter who did the heart attack backflip should've won. He only got an 88.x i think. Anyone else agree?
  11. SuzukiBro

    How do you clean your chain?

    The X-ring chain and the O-ring chain are similar. The X ring has little grooves around the o-ring (to hold more lube), and the o ring chain just has o-rings between the plates. Hence the shape of the X.
  12. SuzukiBro

    RM 250 Service Manual

    Heres a link to buy one: http://www.repairmanual.com/motorcycles/2006/62/0/18361 I have never ordered from that website, but I have heard they deliver on time.
  13. SuzukiBro


    Here's an idea, go to your track's whoop section, ride it, find the whoops you like, then take a tape measure to them. Thats the best way I can think of.
  14. +1 to 3M super weatherstripping adhesive. I don't even need to use safety wire with that stuff. Use it. Its not an option.
  15. SuzukiBro

    Air filter clean procedure?

    No modern filters need rim grease. It makes a mess and makes it harder to clean the filter. As long as you oil the whole filter, including the rim, there is absolutely no reason to put that gunk on the rim. On today's filters, there is about an inch of surface area pressing against the airbox. No dirt will get past that as long as you snug up that skeleton screw good.