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  1. tchristiansen1953

    New WR450 starter

    Thanks to both you guys. I've never heard of a "new" engine not being turned over by the starter, but since I've been kicking my TT for so many years the magic button is new to me. I guess I'll put the honus back on the dealer & get a new battery (at no charge or the s--- will fly Thanks again
  2. tchristiansen1953

    New WR450 starter

    I just purchased a "New" WR450, (after years on a TT500) actually an 07 model year but new out of the crate at the dealer. Got what I thought was a good deal Out the door, taxes, set up etc $5100. Any way I got it home & the battery seemed dead, it wouldn't turn the bike over. I called the dealer & they told me that the starter doesn't have enought power to turn over a new engine & I'll have to kick it (no problem, worked fine) untill the motor gets broken in. Is this normal? I've never heard of this before. Anyone else have this happen? Thanks
  3. tchristiansen1953

    Lets see your vintage ride

    '78 TT500. I ride with guys on KTM300's, CRF450 Hondas etc. And they get jelous because all anybody we meet wants to talk about or ride is the old TT
  4. tchristiansen1953

    TT500 oil questions

    I''ve got a 1978 Yamaha TT500 that I've had for a year. My 2 questions regard the oil. First, my wife has a 2007 TTR125 Yamaha with a Rekluse clutch. We live in the same town they are built, & had the mfg install it. They recommended Shell Rotella T oil for use with the Rekluse. They also said it was a great oil to use in my older TT. SO, any opinions or experience with the Shell oil? Second. I've contemplated using a synthetic in the TT, but have heard stories about converting an older bike to synthetics. Something about it loosens up varnish or whatever and can clog the oil passages. I change my oil about every 5-6 rides. I'm an older (55) rider & don't bomb like the young guys. Is my oil change intervals about right. I've just come back to riding after 30 some years & have forgotten most that I knew Thanks