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  1. billinjr

    DR650 Big enough for me?

    I am 6'-8" 315lbs. and 46 years old. I bought an XR650L last November. I did alot of MX and riding years ago, and I'm riding again to enjoy time with my son. I put a pair of forward mounting risers under Renthall bars, a pair of IMS pegs, and the fit is as good as can be expected. I haven't done any real hard riding on it yet, mostly following my son around (Jawbone, California City and Gorman), but it feels good. I'll be having the springs done front and rear ASAP, as the kid's riding is getting more aggressive each time out. I rode a Friends DR before buying the XRL, and it was fine, though the Honda felt better to me.
  2. billinjr

    Four Strokes Only????

    I live in the area, and when I read that people were having trouble getting their parts, I drove down to check it out. Their shop is in a rundown complex, there was a broken down van blocking the entrance, trash everywhere, the door was bolted (their website said they'd be open) and it didn't look like anyone had been there for quite a while...