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  1. Logger

    Dr-z 400 Sm ìû 400 Smr??

    I need 2 know if there's a point 2 wait for the 400 SMR instead of getting SM right now... Any data on that new model??
  2. Logger

    Dr-z 400 Sm ìû 400 Smr??

    Hello from Russia! I've recently decided to purchase a DR-Z 400 SM , but by accident just found out that there's a new version gonna be available some time soon: DR-Z 400 SMR (racing version) Here's the only link I've founf out so far: http://www.nihoncarandbike.com/en/news-134-Suzuki+DR-Z+400+SMR+at+the+TMS+2005.html Does anyone have more info? when it's gonna be available and what is the hp?