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  1. Scott_V

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    I have been going to school for 9 years while working full time, wife, kids, etc. I am so stoked. I am getting my MBA and I am done with academia. Now it time to ride. I sold my YZ250 in 2003, bought my wr450 in 2006 and have hardly got to ride it. I can't wait to have some saddle time. I am supposed to be writing my capstone right now but just can't focus. I have been out tinkering on the bike. I drained the gas. It had stabil in it but it is probably 9 months old. It'll burn fine in the minivan. I am gonna pull the carb off tomorrow after school and give it a good once through.
  2. Scott_V

    Looking for People to ride with in Portland Area

    Man, I would love to take you up on it. I have school tomorrow. I can't wait to get some freetime so I can meet the TT'rs from the area. Where do you usually stage?
  3. Hey all, Just had to start a thread and introduce myself to this forum in particular. I have been a member for a long time but have been pretty disengaged from my motorcycle for a really long time. I am just finishing up my capstone for my master's degree and well it is time to . I kinda feel like this is a single's ad because I only know one other person that rides and well... he is getting old. I think that he should start to golf or something. If any of you are looking for a slowpoke to follow you around. PM me. I am in the southeast Portland Area and ride a wr450... real slow All kidding aside, I am about an intermediate rider. I also have a son that like to ride. He is on a XR80 so if any of you are in similar positions let's get out an putt with the kids. I have another son that is still getting confidence up so he is still on his 50. He seldom goes riding. Quick notes, I am in school still until June 21st. I may be able to get away some. I have that whole week off if someone would like to ride mid week. After the 21st, I am off every weekend and would like to get to know many of yous locals
  4. Scott_V

    Anyone riding Diamond Mill this weekend?

    I was up there last weekend. I don't know that area that well. I was with my boy on his 50 and the only real trail I found was a little too gnarly for the low ground clearance 50. There were quite a few people up there though.
  5. Okay, adjusting it is not like a car. You don't set it by resistance. You set it by output voltage. The range is .54 to .7 volts DC at idle or something like that. I inserted some paper clips into the boots of the yellow and black leads in the plug and hooked up my trusty fluke 12 voltmeter. I started the bike and the voltage output wasn't even registering. I knew that there had to be some voltage present so I dug around with the paper clips until it read .32 volts constant. I loosened up the Torx screw that holds the TPS in position and rotated it until it read .62 to .64 volts and tightened her down. Rechecked it afterward and disconnected it. Oh yeah I almost forgot. The red lead on the voltmeter to the yellow wire and the black goes to the black. LEAVE THE TPS HOOKED UP!! I still think I have a little surge but I think that I can work that out with jetting. I am going to try my JD blue needle. I dropped in the red needle per the jetting sticky but JD is pretty adamant about the blue needle for my situation (0-4000 ft, 60-80 degrees, very low humidity). I am wondering if a lean condition could lead to a stumble. We'll see this weekend. Does anyone know what pilot jet a 2004 US model came with? I didn't even check it when I installed my JD jet kit. My 0-1/4 throttle seems a little fat and It is only out 1 1/4 turns. (Zip Ty screw of course)
  6. I posted about the elation I had after I rode my NOS 2004 450 after I uncorked it about a week or two ago. This bike rocks! I have absolutely fallen in love with it. I did have one problem that was bothering me. I had a mid throttle stumble that worried me a little. I hated the fact that I had to lug it for it to be smooth when transitioning from trail to trail on fireroads or rip along at full throttle Half throttle would send the bike into a surging/stumbling pattern that felt like the CDI couldn't make up its mind which timing map to use. Knowing a little about TPS problems on fuel injected vehicles, I thought that this was the problem on my bike. I read about one guys experience with his TPS sensor on his WR on this forum and it really made me wonder. He said that his wasn't set correctly from the factory and just by adjusting it, it made all the difference in the world. I thought to myself that Yamaha would never let a bike out the door with a TPS that wasn't adjusted correctly. Then I thought about the tuning gymnastics that would have to be pulled to make this bike run in the massively restricted stock form. Could Yamaha actually set these up incorrectly just to make them run? Naah, I thought. As my conspiracy theory brewed, I thought about my experience in manufacturing and the thought that this thing wasn't set up correctly reallly started to gel. I finally had the gumption to check it out. I used a couple of paper clips to stick into the leads and tested it per the owner's manual instructions. Much to my surprise, the reading was .48 volts. This was out of spec. I adjusted it to spec and took it for a little spin. Woohoo! this bike only gets better. The moral of this epic monologue is for all of you that have disconnected your TPS or still are having weird mid throttle position problems. Adjust it per the Owner's manual instructions. I reallly think that these aren't setup correctly from the factory. I also believe that by disconnecting the TPS, you are losing some of what makes these bikes so alluring. The technology that changes the timing curve for the throttle position at any given time is what makes this better than an old air-cooled no technology thumper. I'll report the full ride report after Sunday but I know that it is going to be a changed bike.
  7. Scott_V

    Brown's Camp trail closures.

    I was just up there last weekend. It sucked. Everything was closed around brown's camp. I would concur the extra trip to the diamond mill.
  8. Scott_V

    Woooohoooo!!! Holy @#!$%!!!!

    Mine had a 165 in it stock 30 miles yesterday and about a 1/2 tank. That is way better than my old ringdinger and good enough for me Isn't it the higher you go the richer your setting gets? GOT IT!!!! 3 lbs really won't do much for me. If it was 10 or 15 yes. But $400 plus dollars for 3lbs and possibly a slight performance gain that I probably wouldn't notice? The stock one with the GYTR insert breathes well enough for now. $400 will buy the suspension work that will make me a better rider. I'm still not sold on this. Maybe I'm a consipracy theorist but there is a possiblity that these just aren't set optimally from the factory for my type of riding. I've heard of people changing these with great results. I'm imagining the timing curve they put on these things to just make them run all choked up and it's my guess that the mapping is probably not optimal and is just a make do so the pig will pass emissions. Anyone else have a TPS story?
  9. Scott_V

    New Springs?

    I'm curious about suspension and have never really messed with it. I used to not really have to being just slightly heavier than the weight that stock bikes are set up for. I would adjust the sag and go. Today, I am 6'2" and 250 - 260 pounds. I ride trails and notice that my suspension feels unsettled when riding rocky sections of trails. If I buy springs, will this help out? I am not a great rider and don't feel that I need a whole new valving job. I just want it to feel a little more planted when riding in rocky sections. Oh yeah, the bike is an 04 wr450. Any suggestions?
  10. I bought an 04 NOS WR450 about a month ago. Took it out for a ride in stock form at Jones Creek, Washington. I was regretting my first fourstroke purchase. The bike stumbled, had marginal power, and had no tractor like properties that everyone talks about. I was kind've ticked and really wanted my YZ250 back even if I had to kickstart the darn thing on every hill I rode. Long story short, Bought a JD kit and installed it per directions. Took out snorkle. Installed GYTR baffle. Installed YZ throttle screw. Took the bike to Brown's Camp in Tillamook Forest yesterday and , this bike is a rocketship. I love the tractable power on long rocky uphill climbs. I couldn't kill the thing no matter how bad of rider I am. Nice long straight or an obstacle on the trail? A wack of the throttle carries the front end for a LOOOOONNNNNG way . The only thing that sucks is I know that tires and chains are going to be a very frequent purchase. It's not perfect yet. I still have a half throttle surge/stumble. I was going to look at the TPS. I've heard that sometimes these aren't adjusted properly. Anyone else have the same issue and what did you do to resolve it? My jetting setup is a stock jetting except for a 170 main, JD red needle on the fourth clip. Zip-Ty fuel screw at 1 3/4 turns. Altitude was 1500-2000 feet, low humidity and ~ 70 degrees. The exhaust note sounds pretty crisp in the offensive throttle positions hinting at a slight lean condition. I am going to fuss with the needle a bit. Maybe use the blue needle but I am curious to hear other stories about adjusting the TPS.
  11. Scott_V

    AAARRGHH! Search engine sucks!! (Jetting ?)

    I email JD jetting shortly after I sent this off. They sent me a link. Check it out http://www.pbase.com/jdjetting1/image/57130413 It has a perfect picture of the AP oring setup.
  12. Scott_V

    AAARRGHH! Search engine sucks!! (Jetting ?)

    Mine is an 04 too. The kit came with two orings. The instructions say to put it over the accelerator pump adjustment screw and it has a picture. The problem is that the picture sucks. I cannot tell how they have it put on there.
  13. Alright, I don't have a ton of time and the search engine never seems to work for me. I always get the search engine disabled message. My question is for those with JD jet kits. Do you guys use the oring? The picture on my instructions is not easy to decipher. I haven't taken it apart yet and want to make sure that if I am to install it that I know how it is supposed to go. For those of you that don't use the oring, does using a smaller leak jet get the same benefit? Thanks putting up with my search engine frustrations...
  14. Scott_V

    Who Lives in West Linn, Oregon?

    I'm in Clackamas. Not far at all off of 205.
  15. Scott_V

    1/8 sputtering? i am crying for help

    My bike is a brand new old stock 2004 with exactly 12.1 miles on the tripmeter. I had the exact same problem first time out. I am planning on getting the JD kit, promoto baffle, and have already removed the snorkle. I am not anxious to remove the WR throttle stop yet. I am really concerned about the situation too. They gave me the wrong manual when I bought the bike too. It is for a 2005 or newer because it shows the AIS and the newer exhaust. My question is: does the correct manual show how to adjust the TPS? Mine looks like it could have been messed with. I would like to know the correct process to set it up.