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  1. I have a 02 BRP with the following: FMF power core IV Power bomb header Uncorked High flow side panel Mikuni pumper TM42 currently with a 145 main Needle clip 3 from the top And I think a 20 pilot(came from XR's only like the above mentioned) It seems to be running a little lean with a light back fire on decel. Anyhow, just wondering if the current jetting is in the ball park. PJ Rob
  2. Wise Ones, I have 2004 650R with a FMF IV pipe, power bomb header, Mikuni TM40 pumper(from XR's only), Twin air filter, and fully uncorked to include high flow side panels. I have a slight studder in the low ranges and am curious where to start. Needle position? Jets? Peace Out PJ Rob
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    Check out crossfit.com. Hands down the best fitness modality around. PJ Rob 2004 BRP with lots o goodies