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  1. yzfrey133

    2012 KTM SXF 350 leaking coolant

    Great to hear that you found the problem. Glad you love the bike. I like mine quite a bit also. Happy trails
  2. yzfrey133

    2012 KTM SXF 350 leaking coolant

    Check the level of your coolant. I should be a little below the radiator core. Like 3/16". It's lower than a Japanese bike. There is already a post similar to this on here that a couple of us new Ktm owners had the same thing happen. Mine would smoke when I stopped and smelled like hot antifreeze. Found out after reading the service book that I had to much fluid in it and the over flow hose stopped right over my exhaust header. Drained fluid to the right level,put a longer hose on and everything is good. Reading the service manual is an experience also compared to others. Hope this helps
  3. yzfrey133

    2011 350 sxf front wheel spacer

    I had the same issue with my bike. I was told it was ok and have been riding it that way the few times I have ridden this year. If you try to take the space out and put your fork against the spacer, it puts your fork in a bind and it doesn't rebound right
  4. yzfrey133

    2004 KTM 450 EXC Extended shifter?

    Try Torq1 racing
  5. yzfrey133

    more ktm ?"s

    I am new to Ktms and have been riding Kaws (a kx450f). for a few years. I have ridden my first GNCC a couple of weeks ago and learned quite a bit. I ride both Mx and hare scrambles in Ohio. This is what I have learned and changed so far on my 11 350xcf. I dropped 1 tooth on the front sprocket, went to the next heavier spring rate pin the front and back for Mx, WHICH I promptly had the softer stock springs put back on after riding the gncc and having my front wheel slide out from under me way more times than I care to mention. A scorpion rear tire was on the bike when I bought it. Amazing tire for hooking up on the trails. Want a hill I couldn't climb, even after the rain on clay trails. I am in search of a new front tire for sure though. There is a different level for the rad fluid for Ktms than Japanese bikes. It it's just lower than the fins inside the rads. The clutch adj its way to small too adj while riding, Especially in tight single tail. This is what I have found so far. The Dunlop Geo's I have been told are awesome. That will be a near future purchase. Hope this helps
  6. yzfrey133

    Rad fluid leaking

    It was the problem with mine. Finding out that Ktms are a little different from Jap bikes. It's been a learning curve for me. Sorry for the typos. My phone puts words in for me and sometimes I don't catch them.
  7. yzfrey133

    Rad fluid leaking

    I'm sure you checked this ,but could you have to much Floyd in your radiator?had the same problem when I first got my 11 350xcf. I was used to 09 kaw 450 and the full coolant level is above the radiator fins, but not my ktm. The full coolant level is about 3/16 below the fins. I asked everyone that I knew that had ktm why mine was overheating and losing antifreeze at idle or as soon as I stopped during riding, but no one could tell me. Once I read the owner manual and made sure the fluid was just below the rad fins my problem went away. Hope it's that simple fellas
  8. yzfrey133

    2011 ktm 350xcf metal pcs in oil

    Thank you for the replys everyone. By buying it used had me wondering if it was residue from a problem that the previous owner "fixed" . The bike runs strong and hasn't given me any trouble. I agree, better tear it down
  9. Has anyone had metal pcs like this show up in there oil?. I bought the bike used last Nov and finally have 3hrs on it. This is the first oil change I have done on it. The screen didn't have any contaminants on it and the filter looked clean also. Am I in left field to assume the pcs could be from the clutch?
  10. yzfrey133

    Pro Moto Billet Silencer

    I wish you would have posted that you had one for a 250 e week ago. I just bought one for my 07 and I am still looking for one for my 09 450. Just let the one on e-bay go through my fingers. I am hoping the person that bought it will re list the pmb or maybe the seller will give him my email address. One can only hope
  11. yzfrey133

    Pro Moto Billet Silencer

    are you saying that the fmf 4.1 spark arrestor insert fit the 09 stock exhaust thooker?
  12. Can a temporary spark arrestor insert be made for a stock exhaust? I have a 09kx450f and a 07kx250f. I know Pro Moto billet makes some. But I am going to Wayne for a weekend and wont need one after that. So I don't want to pay the $130 x 2 for just one weekend.
  13. yzfrey133

    Another recall (foot peg pins)

    I'm gonna ride, I'm gonna ride, I'm gonna ride. Gonna get new ones of course, but gonna ride till the new ones come in.
  14. yzfrey133

    2009 recall

    just some friendly advice. If they water check your valves and then tell you that they need adj. check that they have the shim in the shim keeper. The shop almost cost me some major heartache cause when they put it back together the shim for my right intake valve was not seated in the keeper.Which made my valve tight.
  15. yzfrey133

    09 valve adjusting?

    never mind, my valves didn't need adjusted. The mechanic that water tested my valves does! He had 1 intake valve shim not sitting in the keeper when he put it back together. No wonder it was so tight you couldn't get a 1.5 feeler gauge in it to check clearance.