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  1. Reused gaskets, flipped the piston around and slammed it together. Once the carb settled down (had it upside down) it fires off instantly.
  2. Best news I've heard all day. It runs (shocked after this revelation) but has a noise... Going to order a top end gasket kit and flip it around...
  3. Well it runs, noise on the right side of the engine... Going to do a water pump seal kit and hunt for it and recheck the valves. Hope the rod didn't get hurt the last time the top end failed on this crank. Didn't feel any play. Got a spare loose crank I can get a rod kit slammed into and welded easily enough. We'll see. Oh and BTW f-you Electrosport for selling garbage merchandise.
  4. Should be ready to run. Need to play with some wiring. Doing headlight, tail light and brake light off the rear brake with a TrailTech KTM setup.
  5. No, but full blown pneumonia sure did on top of the holidays...
  6. Got the lump mounted in the frame and the lines on. Have to pull the subframe back off and put the battery box in the top of the air box since I forgot it. Hope to get most of the cables hooked up, controls sorted, exhaust on, side panels mounted and such tomorrow. Quick and basic carb clean with fresh vent lines, I HATE yellowed stiff carb vent lines...
  7. Well, gonna get it together and see if it runs. I can always lay it over and do work on the shift mechanism side. I guess the decomp wear on the lifter is normal. So it's going back together. Bolt the cams in, check the valves and dump the lump in is the morning's plan before the family rat race. I already smoked two turkeys and baked pies... Time to show up and watch people get fatter tomorrow.
  8. Which particular detent items? Have to order some other stuff from Yamaha anyway.
  9. And now I need an exhaust lifter bucket. Cam is flawless, mics out perfect without any evidence of wear. End gaps checked out ok, cylinder lightly honed. Need a stator puller to change the cam chain and begin assembling the lump.
  10. Well it's a roller. Couple three hours progress invested so far. Want to get the engine built tomorrow.
  11. A clean workbench is a happy workbench. Prepped for engine work.
  12. Still lighter than my old DRZ's... And more powerful too. All my parts are in hand for the engine. Going to attempt to begin cleaning and prepping for assembly tomorrow when I get out of work at 6am. I need to inspect the chain guides I have in a bag that I didn't put a watchful eye on yet, and make sure I don't need any more parts besides the cam chain tensioner. One more Ron Ayers order and powdercoating the frame and sub assemblies next Wednesday. Cleaned my work area so I'll post some stupid work bench pics...
  13. I saw that file and I'm going a little more above and beyond your list since mine started as a basket case needing more noteworthy repair to get up to par along with treating myself a little, but mostly the same stuff.
  14. I'm doing a lot of similar things. I did a lot of eBay, RMATV and Amazon for everything I put in my first or second post. Waiting for a Ron Ayers package to put my engine together. Rings, cam chain and some other oem crap.
  15. Frame flush anyone??