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  1. Chopio

    450f piston

    Did the pistons change from 03-05 to 06-08? I have a new 03-05 piston in the box and want to install in my 07?
  2. Has anyone found good lighting solution for an 07 yz 450f? This summer I want to be able to do some riding at night I also need one for my sons yz 250f... Thanks
  3. Chopio

    leak jet in 07?

    Has anyone figured out what leak jet ZIP TY is using the their mod? I ride at sea level to 1500 ft. Curious if I should change fro stock? I did AP wiring mod with boysen quickshot have power up stage 1 FMF and MRD Pipe (best pipe ever by the way) 165 m 48p 4th clip.. 07 450F by the way. thanks
  4. Just started have about 40 hrs religous maintenance.
  5. Ok tried lowering shift lever 2 splines still the same problem. Any other suggestions??
  6. Chopio

    06' YZ 450 glide plate

    Devol makes the best one. Fits perfect... http://www.devolracing.com/products/skid-plates.htm
  7. Chopio

    Good deal?

    Take it! Go buy an 07 450f.
  8. Already using synthetic. Will look at shifter dont think thats it though. Thanks
  9. My bike shifts great 1,2,3 goes to neutral on the way to 4th unless I really yank on 4 and 5. But will go f i shift up hard. Please help.
  10. Chopio

    What Tires Should I Run

    The TV show Happy Days!
  11. Chopio

    What Tires Should I Run

    Thanks Chachi!!
  12. Chopio

    What Tires Should I Run

    Gee thanks for being nice. I want spacific info. And if your so tired of another tire post what the f=== are in this one for?
  13. I have an 06 450f and I need new tires. I only free-ride in the desert (high and low) of so-cal. I tear up 756 rears when I'm in any kind of rocky terrain. Is there a light weight long lasting tire? Thanks for your input!
  14. Chopio

    Looking To Buy In Wa State

    Go on cycle trader.com and get one from honda east in tolido ohio. I had mine shipped to me from them to so cal for 6400 out the door. Great to deal with great service.