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  1. mud99

    WR450 Banjo bolt

    I am trying to dual sport my WR450 2003. I have to order a banjo switch for the front and back brake cylinder. I think they are 10mm X 1.25. I just wanted to make sure befor I order. Thanks
  2. mud99

    Clutch push lever for 03 WR450

    Thanks for the help. I have a manual but I wasn't sure about the rod on the clutch side. I am removing it because my back wheel got twisted and the chain came off and cracked the engine case where the clutch lever goes in. I was going to try JB weld to fix the crack. Any ideas?
  3. Does the part of the engine case where the clutch push lever for an 03 WR450 fill with oil? Thanks
  4. How does the clutch push lever for an 03 WR450 come out of the engine case. I took the 1 bolt out and tried to pull it out. No luck. Thanks for the help.
  5. mud99

    Broken Crank Case

    My left side crank case now has a hole in it.Can I match a used left side crank case with my right, or do I have to buy a matched set. If I don't have to buy a matched set, does anyone have the left side for sale? Thanks
  6. mud99

    Any Nova Scotians On here?

    Leelandc, I am from a smaller town South West of Halifax in Nova Scotia. I ride an 03 WR450. What part of Nova Scotia are you from?
  7. mud99

    Clutch friction plate question

    Thanks alot for your help!!!
  8. I took my clutch apart on my 03 wr450 and I don't remember if the smaller friction plate goes on first or last. I looked in my manual and it doesn't say. I think it goes on first. Also the clutch boss spring is bevelled and I am not sure if the outside of the round spring points to the outside case or in toward the motor. Thanks
  9. mud99

    wr450 crank nut come off

    I had a bad rattle noise coming from my clutch area on my 03 wr450. My crank nut was also lose. Luckily my lock washer was on holding the nut in place.
  10. mud99

    Clutch 2003 WR450

    Alley Cat was right. When i took the clutch side of the motor apart i found the nut on the crank was loose.I think this was giving me my rattle noise. I didn't tighten the nut yet and i noticed play between the cog and the splines on the inner side of the crank shaft. If i moved the cog to the splines on the outer side of the crank shaft it was tighter but still a little play. It lookes like the splines on the shaft and the cog wore. What should i do to fix this problem? Thanks.
  11. mud99

    What size nut

    I have an 03 wr450. I have to remove the basket but don't have a socket big enough. Before i go out and guess what size socket I have to buy, can someone tell me what size the nut is. I couldn't find this information in the manual. Thanks
  12. mud99

    Clutch Basket

    I have done a bunch of reading on rebuilding my clutch on my 03 wr450. One of the questions I have is the nut holding the clutch basket on a reverse thread or a normal thread? Also my clutch has always been a bit grabby when i come to a stop. I read about drilling the basket holes bigger and the 79 cent clutch fix for this problem. If I rebuild the clutch should i still do these mods? Any more hints and tips would be great. Thanks
  13. mud99

    Clutch 2003 WR450

    Does anyone have any more ideas. Need help. Thanks
  14. mud99

    Clutch 2003 WR450

    I have an 03 WR450. The clutch is starting to get noisy. It rattles all the time and there is a winding noise that goes away when I pull the clutch in. It doesn't slip but it is a little grabby When I go to stop. I found lots of reading on the Grabby situation. I was hoping for some advice on rebuilding the clutch. Things I should look for. Thanks
  15. mud99

    03 wr450 seized

    I pulled the plug and you were right. A bunch of water came out when I kicked it over with my hand . What damage could I have caused and what do I do besides changing the oil. Thanks again for your help. Do you think I should change the oil run it and then change it again.