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    AGV Dragon Helmet?

    This is my first log so please be patient. I've been using the dragon style helmet for three years now and I really enjoy them. I say them because about two years ago I was online to buy a new tinted shield for mine and they informed me that they (I can't remember who they were) selling out of this helmet and that for the price of the shield I could have helmet and all. so, I purchased 6 of these and helped a bunch of my fellow riders out for the paltry sum of 39.99 each. What sweet deal, huh? Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I think this is a very light, comfortable and affordable helmet. Mine is now comfortably equipped with speakers and boom mic. and I could'nt be more pleased. Full face helmets are just too confining and claustrophobic and I'll just take my chances. Thanks Hoped this helps