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  1. I have had both a carry on enclosed and open trailers. They are pretty basic with nothing fancy but are durable and pull better than some other name brand trailer I've had. Should have never sold the enclosed and still have a 6x12 open that is a work horse for lots of different uses.
  2. If you put your row of e- track at 12" off the floor on the wall you could just have an extra tie down point where the wheel contacts the wall and bungie the tire to the wall. That would keep it from turning and making slack along with with handlebar tie downs. So a total of three tie down points per bike.
  3. Pace, Hallmark and Forest River makes them. More often the size is 7X12 or 7X14. Not very often do I see them is 6ft width (whidh is actually like 5' 8" inside width. Place is south GA has one but not one of the recognizable national brands. Page down to middle of the page. http://www.southgeorgiacargosales.com/packages.html Does anyone have first hand data on the mpg while towing a "low profile" or "short height" enclosed trailer. I tow an 8X20 that is 6' 6" tall inside (about 9' overall) and get 9.5 to 10.5 mpg towing at 65mph behind a 2wd 2002 Suburban with 3.73 r/p. I Had towed a 7x14 enclosed at 6.5' tall and got 12mpg behind same tow vehicle. I am consider switching to a low profile trailer.
  4. I had one of the cheap-o Haulmark trailers and it leaked so bad in he first 3 months the dealer took it back and put my entire purchase price towards a Carry-on and it has been a great trailer. Lot of choices especially in Indiana and South Georgia. Look for build construction and get a test tow of the trailer you want to purchase right before you put out the cash.. That haulmark I had also dog-tracked
  5. Yooper

    The CrewCab Motovan

    X2 on looking forward to the progress on this when the weather breaks in the spring.Great documentation so far.
  6. Hello TT members. Regarding: http://www.thumperta...ad.php?t=634724 Thanks to Gray and others that have contributed to this topic and alerted me to this potential/eventually problem if not fixed. I have just switched to Blue bike after having been on Orange 2-strokes for a long time (99, 02, 03, 05, 08). So although I have had an account on TT I have been mostly hovering on that Orange site. I do like what I see here on this site and I am liking the value in my Blue YZ450f bike. I did the fix Gray suggested only I substituted something I had on hand for the ball bearing. This worked out for me as I have daughters that like to plink cans with their BB guns. I also like this because .177 or 4.5mm seemed pretty good to me for a pressed fit w/o drilling and I didn't want to drill because I had just done an oil change (shavings) and hadn't started the bike yet when I found this post. So I removed the filter cover & filter, covered the oil pump hole, threaded a greased tap in the lower bolt hole and drove the BB in with a punch and staked as shown below. Just another way to get it done. Of course the stainless steel has its merits but I figured that a copper coated steel ball even if not stainless isn't going to contaminate anything being in an oil bath. The drilled step idea is good too but this isn't going anywhere. More times than not.... me and drilling holes is anything but perfection (oval, not straight.)
  7. Yooper

    Rekluse Clutch On 06 Te450

    No worries about the red flakes for the first 1 or 2 oil changes. Very common. There has been much speculation here as to what it is.
  8. Yooper

    Silly Question

    I agree with liking the blue and yellow better.
  9. Yooper

    Enduro computer choices

    For enduro computers (for competetion)the Watchdog ranks right up there in 100% function and simplicity. http://www.dugasengineering.com/
  10. Yooper

    Husky Valve Shim Question

    Quick question: The spec for the tappet clearance is .008'(.2mm) & .006'(.15mm) for ex and in (for 2004) but there is no range. I find it a bit strange that it is the spec or that is it. If I am .001' under/over is it time to re-shim? Without a range it seems that it will certainlly make for more frequent adjustments.
  11. Yooper

    Husky Valve Shim Question

    How do I remove the auto decompression off the RH exhaust valve (2004 TC450). I cannot get any gap there. I'm still in the dark because I don't really see how it is causing a lack of gap either. Doesn't appear that the manual decompress can have any affect on the valve cleareance unless actuated. FYI ..At first adjustment of 10hrs - The other exhaust is .008 and the intakes are at .006 and .007. I'm told that 7.48 shims are used on 2004 and can be had at your local Yamaha dealer. Thanks for the previous posters info about how to get access to the shims. Good post guys, a little more info and maybe this could be a sticky... Smile...
  12. Yooper

    2004 TC-TE-SMR Sprockets & MPH

    Good sheet thanks. It will help me figure out what to do to optimise my TC for my use.
  13. Yooper

    Uptite Skid Plate Mounting

  14. Yooper

    04 Tc 450 Mikuni AP

    The key is zero pre-load on the AP. I sent my carb to http://www.upstatecycle.com/ for the recomended Husky set-up. I still have a little tweaking to do with the fuel screw but it is way better than stock.
  15. Yooper

    Steering Damper for 06 TC?????

    GPR has a V2 set-up that they have just gotten working. Bolt on setup with under the bar mount. http://www.gprstabilizer.com/ You will have to call as it is just been done and none of the Husky applications made the catalog. I just bought a set-up for an 04 all bolt on.