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  1. I am searching for a bike for my wife for use as a long distance dual-sport workhorse. We'll be taking a very long trip that will cover many, many miles of gravel, some sand and blacktop. For this reason she'll need at least a 400 class thumper. I am leaning toward a DRZ 400 or DR650, although I am not hung up on Suzuki. I need recommendations on which bike to purchase that can be lowered 4-5"! Remember, the bike will not see any single-track or motoX. I would think that the bike should be set up like a super moto bike suspension-wise. Real off-road ability is not that important. All thoughts are appreciated PS: I'll be using a KLR 650 as my cruiser of choice for this trip.
  2. Ditto on the PC T-4 being loud. Too loud! Mike
  3. Got my 520 EXC in Canada, I live in the Detroit area. The main reason for buying one in Canada was that I couldn't find one anywhere in Midwest last April. I saved about $800. The dealer I bought the bike from told me that my bike had a 30 day warranty, where US dealers have a 90 day warranty. That could be a concern for you. I had a small problem with my bike that cost me $150. I believe a "good neighborhood dealer" would have covered it, but my 30 day warranty had expired, and I ate the cost. As far as money goes, i'm still ahead! ! ! As far as tax on the bike, I had to pay GST and PST totaling 15%. I did get back all of that tax when I sent in the paperwork I got at the duty-free shop. It took about 8 weeks to get the money back. (Just in time for more KTM goodies) Overall, my purchase was a very good experience, and I recently bought a snowmobile and another dirtbike in Canada. We may as well take advantage of the favorable exchange rate before it goes the other way.
  4. Sorry I don't know the dimensions, but I just called Baja designs and told them what bike I have and they knew what would fit it.
  5. I understand the money issue. My '01 520 was my first KTM so I was already sticker shocked. But then I found that the bike was dangerous to ride without the steering damper. I was a little depressed and almost regretting my decision to buy the KTM. However, after a season of riding (with the Scotts damper) I couldn't be happier with the money I spent. I absolutely love the bike, and I enjoy riding more now than ever before. Moral of the story....spend the money on the damper, you will love the bike. I also raised the forks, the top of the forks extend above the TC's about 18mm. The rebound adjusters almost touch the bars (1mm gap). Mike
  6. My 520 is 8 months old with about 1000 miles on it. It will do the compression lock-up thing about 40% of the time. It didn't do it when the bike was new. I also haven't adjusted the valves in awhile, but I'll get at that before Spring.
  7. Hiller

    Need Canadian dealer name please

    I got my 520 EXC in Oshawa, ON at Oshawa Cycle. It was my first and only experience with them, however, I got a good price. Also, Steve, (could be the owner) gave me his home phone #, in case I got to the shop late to pick up my bike. Canadians are so nice sometimes. I wish some of that hospitality would cross the border. I don't have a lot of experience with them, but I would buy my next KTM from them. Oshawa Cycle 1348 Taunton Rd East 905-434-7073
  8. Hiller

    Canadian 520exc

    I saved about $800 buying one in Oshawa, Ontario last April. For me it was worth a 4 hour drive and crossing the border. I live in Detroit. Mike
  9. I have a 99 TTR 250 for sale that is plated for dual sport use. I live in Royal Oak. You can stop by and take it for a ride and see how it feels to you, no obligations. The bike is heavy, however, to me, it feels like it sits lower and is much more managable in the trails. mike.hiller@gm.com
  10. Of course bike's and riding take precedence. If you think of it, can you take a look at that catalog and get me a company and phone #? Thanks, Mike
  11. Thanks for the quick response, you must be bored at work like me
  12. I remembered you posting looking for plastic for your TTR250 awhile ago, and I did a search, however it looked like you didn't find anything. I was wondering if you found anything cheaper than Yamaha stuff. They want $60 for a front fender, that's almost as high as KTM stuff!!! I also need a seat cover, if anyone knows where to find one. Mike
  13. Hiller

    Man I love my Little Black Button

    Last weekend, riding my 520 EXC, a screw rattled out that holds the little black button to the handle bars. One of the screws stayed in, so the "little black button" mount would rotate on the bars. So I had to use a lot more energy holding the mount with my finger while pushing the button with my thumb......man...talk about wasting a lot of energy.....whew!!
  14. I bought the OCEMN needle from Sudco, they had plenty in stock. I'm going to install it tonite. I'll report on performance when the rain stops!! Mike
  15. I have the Rally 2's on my 520. They are all plastic, but that is what I was looking for, I wanted the light weight, and I wanted the handlebars to still absorb vibration like they are supposed to. Last weekend I hit a tree pretty hard, the Rally 2 twisted straight down, and I took a pretty good impact to my hand, effectively removing my middle fingernail. My ride was over for the day!! I tightened the handguards very tight and they still don't seem to hold very well, they still twist. I'm not very impressed with their mounting setup. However, if you only need to protect against brush, the Rally 2's may be right for you!