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  1. jeep45

    Piute Mountain cabin

    Another person that rides the Piutes frequently is Javier of Trailtricks suspension. Now that Clear Creek is closed he rides and works on his place there most weekends, in fact he is there today. His number is 310-923-0485.
  2. jeep45

    Attn: San Diego Off-roaders

    I believe Brian left before the comments were made about Clear Creek, but bottom line, instead of a meeting where we learned about serious efforts to increase the oppportunities for OHV recreation, we were encouraged to be resigned to limiting what could be taken from us and informed of a possible closing of the Clear Creek OHV area. The head of the BLM for CA, (Mike ??) said that the Clear Creek study regarding the asbestos content in the soil had been concluded. From what he had heard "it did not look good" for continued recreation in that area, and that he was going to personally study the report this week to determine what action, if any, needed to be taken. Of course, feeling an obligation to keep the total acreage in CA the same for OHV use, we should expect that these same authorities will immediately search for another area to replace Clear Creek if it is lost to us.
  3. jeep45

    Ktm's Leaking Gas Cup??

    Hey DanceswithTrees: I have been using what I thought was your trick in a post a while ago: a tennis ball in the cap hole while the bike sits during the week instead of the cap. When I first started to do this, the cap had gotten really tight and was getting worse, could hardly get it to twist off. Now it fits like it did when new, easy to take on and off and no leaking. It took about 3 weeks for this to work - Just wanted to thank you for the tip! Jeep
  4. Waranabrother - The Pirelli site for Australia shows the MT43, but it is not lisited on the United Kingdom or USA Pirelli site.
  5. jeep45

    Last Man Standing.....

    Have to agree Jumbo 12, just attending a National Trials and watching the amazing things those guys were able to do with a MC and then just copying some of their techniques made me a better rider.
  6. jeep45

    Offroad Racing: Ever Dnf'd? & Why?

    First time was in an MX race on a Rickman/Montessa, the frame separated at the head bearing after landing on a downhill jump. The bike looked like a chopper with the front end extended so far out that the frame under the engine was resting on the ground. It might have looked "cool" to the street crowd, but didn't do too well offroad, unless you were plowing a field. The second time was in one of the earlier two day 400 mile Jackpine enduros, things got hairy when trying to pass another rider in the thick ivy found on the side of the single track trails. The end of the shifter hit a hidden stump straight on and sheared the shifter spline clean off at the case. A spare shift lever didn't do much good as it had nothing to attach to - stuck in third gear on a 175 Can Am with 200 miles to go in mostly bar banging woods and hills did not seem like it would be possible, so I quit. Next year the bike competed again, finished and trophied - couldn't stand to retire that great running bike without giving it another chance.
  7. HRC USA has assembled their 600-650cc engines with dry pistons/rings for years according to a former off-road team manager - seating takes place immediately and results show more horsepower on the dyno and longer race life than those assembled with lube.
  8. jeep45

    Tire Combo

    Milje, do you think that the reply from Pirellii is indicating that the M16 has been replaced by the new model, but there is still a large supply available at the warehouse.
  9. jeep45

    Mufflers for 2007 250 XCF-W???

    Is the PMB as quiet as the Q2?
  10. For all of you out there who have installed the JD kit on a 250XCF-W, is there much of a difference in response when using the thick vs the thin o-ring over the pump linkage and which one do you recommend using?
  11. jeep45

    street legalize in CA, KTM 450sx

    Unfortunately, 99.9% of this is true. There may be a few grey areas as stated, but the easy days getting around the rules are over. I have a 2001 WR250F that is fully legal due to the "grandfather" ruling in 2003. This ruling recognized that CARB did not inform the manufacturers of the change in regulations far enough in advance of their 2001 production, so some '01 bikes became green sticker eligible and could be registered if the paperwork was in process before Jan '04. I was pleasently surprised to get a green sticker in the mail in November of '03 along with the instructions for getting the bike street registered if desired. With the immediate purchase of a Baja Designs kit and a few nights of work, I had (have) a properly registered street legal machine - I really lucked out!
  12. jeep45

    250xcfw vs. 300xcw???

    My dealer is a good guy and did not mark up the "extra's" as he passed them through at his cost - don't remember the exact amount, but I think the freight was $180, set-up $80, which will include jetting and setting the suspension specifically for me in full gear before it leaves the shop.
  13. jeep45

    250xcfw vs. 300xcw???

    Just bought one here in CA - have to wait for it (next month) but the price was at MSRP $6798, plus the additional pass through costs (shipping, set-up, & registration)
  14. jeep45

    Knee brace, broken femur

    What brand and model of braces were you wearing when you blew out your knee(s)? and will you wear braces anymore?
  15. Try not to laugh too much!