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  1. moore716

    R.I.P Kevin Parks

    I always thought I was a pretty cool, talented, fast rider, fairly humble and a nice guy. Then Kelly Hill introduced me to Kevin Parks. Kelly told me he was REALLY fast! Coming from Kelly, I thought ok, sure, but Kevin is standing right there (saying nothing of course), what else is Kelly supposed to say. It wasn’t till a few months after that I finally got to see Kevin ride. Well, Kelly was apparently being humble on Kevin’s behalf. Kelly should have said “He’s as fast as the guys you see on TV, but he just does it for fun.” So, from then on I was a huge #10 fan. Then I got to hang out with him in the pits or what not and sure enough, you would have no idea of the domination this guy was capable of. He was the epitome of cool, talented, fast, humble, nice and genuine. I was fortunate enough to get to be a small part of Kevin’s life. He made me a better person and I will always appreciate life more because of him. Dan
  2. moore716

    To all suspension Gurus

    You need to call MB1 and tell them what you're feeling. It is possible that they either used too light of springs or valved it too soft for your speed.
  3. moore716

    Whats a stock titanium spring worth....

    Retail is like $580. You should be able to get at least $200 for it. Try to find someone with a 250 or 250F looking for stiffer springs.
  4. moore716

    05 RMZ cutting out

    Electrical will often do that, run ok until it gets hot. Check the valves, make sure it idles and if it still does it, try to find someone to swap electrical components with, 1 at a time.
  5. moore716

    Connecting Rod Question?

    Thanks for the info! Looks like a new rod/bearing/piston and cylinder! Make sure to look at the oil pumps as well. Mine were grooved from the debris going through.