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    need advice/help

    thanks guys for your help took it to a friend of a friend he said he will sort it out i get it back tomorrow ill let u all know how it went and thanx again
  2. en119

    need advice/help

    hi there im new here so my problem is this,got a 05 crf450 lately its been eating sparks plugs 1 for every ride when plugs come out they look fine but bike wont start new plug goes in fires up no prob.now bike wont start at all has spark has fuel havent checked compression .ive follow the manuel to check valve clearances ive lined the makes up bottom and cam gear the pic in manual shows the cam lobe to the rear of bike but when i do it the cam lobe is toward front of bike my clearances on intake is0.30 inch and on exhaust 0.08 inch can some one explain or even help please.do i have to the valves please help me