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  1. faqstodie

    hows my turning look?

    Everyone on tt is a bunch of fags. Find the biggest cliff and jump off suckers!
  2. faqstodie

    Fallout 2...cant wait till it comes out

    who does that 360 on the yz, thats the cleanest one I seen.
  3. faqstodie

    A few incredible MX videos

    Every one on TT take note this are good vids down with weak vids.
  4. faqstodie

    My first vid... be nice

    This forum is wack i havent seen a good vid in months.
  5. faqstodie

    Bench racing with puppets

    Dude, next time you get an idea for a video dont even bother. That was the suckiest waste of time. Get a job you bum.
  6. faqstodie

    Vid of my new Ride

    That Thing Sucks.
  7. faqstodie

    sx145 for 2007?

    I read that they are going to have billet hubs, and they look to be billet in one of the pics.
  8. That was the worst est crappiest video I had ever seen.
  9. That was the coolest vid I had ever seen.
  10. faqstodie

    Racing in CT...

    Hey yami rider, are the four wheelers still riding on the mx track or is theres opened up. I will be planing on going there not this saturday but the next, I will be going to the first race in templeton mass this weekend. amped!!
  11. faqstodie

    59hp 2007 KTM 450 SX-F???

    Its too bad it is electric start.
  12. faqstodie

    Updated pics of my CRF450

    should not have polished the frame. my opinion, I think it looks ugly and a pain in the balls to keep polished aluminum looking shiny.
  13. faqstodie

    Pictures of my backyard track

    kxfreak o yea, by the way lookin good, it could be better, and im sure it will as time goes on This Is my backyard to prove that I am not make fun of this kid for not trying, but why bother posting pics of your back yard where there is bare grass and little burms. Waste of tome so I had to repley and hurt some feelings like yours kxfreak. [email=http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/457331/]http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/457331/[/email] [email=http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/457312/]http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/457312/[/email] Hoping it will be dry to ride it tommarow.
  14. faqstodie

    My new helmet!!

    who cares about spelling, as long as they are getting the point across.
  15. faqstodie

    My new helmet!!

    Is that a 05 or a 06, I got my 05 last year for 350, at a local shop. So comfy and easy to wash. Last me a lifetime.