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  1. wookee

    2011 CRF150R enduro???

    Anyone notice a couple of European sites had small blurbs about such a bike earlier today??? MCN had something but now it looks like they pulled the link...may'be they jumped the gun on the embargo????? Hopefully its not a head fake.....
  2. wookee

    subaru sti

    My wife has a 2005 STi that we bought new. Aside from the exotics it is one of the most expensive cars to insure. Alot of them get piled. Its probably not a good choice for a new driver, especially a 17 year old.
  3. wookee

    CRF150R enduro conversion

    Nice job!!!!!!!!!!! That is some serious bike porn!!!!!!!!!!! Good to see your shredding on it. Some guys build bikes & basically they're just garage queens. Keep on ripping!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. wookee

    help!!!!!!!!! big bore kit....

    try: xr100.com
  5. wookee

    CRF150R "revenge of the XR200R"

    Nice job. You just gave me an idea for my next project bike. This will be way easier to sell to the wife than the 1098 I was thinking of purchasing. Are you familiar with what it takes to register it in CA? If not I can make a trip tohe DMV to do some research. Thanks.
  6. wookee

    CRF150R Expert or KX100

    Actually the maintenance is radically different between a CRF150 & a KX100. The KX would be a lot easier to maintain than a 150 & if you should happen to blow one up the 2t rebuild is much easier & cheaper than rebuilding a 4t. Both are fun little bikes & you cant really go wrong with either.
  7. wookee

    CRF150R Expert or KX100

    Uh, I dont know whose 125's you're riding but they definitely do not have 2x the power of an 85. Last time I looked the 85's put about 18-20@ the wheel & the 125's were in the high 20's to low 30's. A good rider on an 85 can turn lap times that are not too far off of what he/she would do on a 125.
  8. wookee

    is it worth it?

    It sounds like a horrible deal. You better pass & give me the guys # so I can buy the bike & assess its condition & give a report to the forum.......Seriously, sounds like a really good deal. If I could find a good cond. 150R for $1900 I would be all over it.
  9. wookee


    I'm partial to the rm since I own one. One thing to consider, the rm is a power valve motor where as the yz & cr are not. If he's not an expert the rm might be easier to ride, if he is an expert he will rip on any of them, including a kx.
  10. wookee

    CRF150R Ride Day at Carnegie Hills

    BC3 - that doesn't really surprise me. It seems like some of the rangers out at Carnegie are total azzholes. Its really changed, I started riding out there in '88 & it seemed like the rangers could care less where you rode. Now more & more areas are fenced off & the rangers (some of them) treat people like they're criminals. Its really changed - not to mention I've heard of lots of people getting stuff stolen.
  11. wookee

    CRF150R Ride Day at Carnegie Hills

    I'm down for a ride - we probably need a good rain, I am sure its probably pretty dusty out there. I need to check the valves on my 450 & put a new tire on it & I'm good to go. I am still trying to get my s**t together for a Friday night @ Sandhill. I had thorasic surgery in July & its kicked my azz.
  12. wookee

    rm 85 L?

    If you're gonna get an 85 the RM is a good choice - the power valve does smooth out the hit. I'm 6'2 - 180 w/ gear & I use it for flat tracking & they rip. It even gets the jump on the CRF150R's in the first 3 gears. Good luck.
  13. wookee

    Sand Hill Ranch tonight

    Have fun, I had thorasic surgery 8 weeks ago & I am still recovering- I am so jonesing to ride the 85 out there.
  14. wookee


    I heard that some of the early model 150's were snapping their powerbands if they got revved too high. Does anyone make an aftermarket heavy duty powerband for these bikes yet????????
  15. wookee

    Can this be right?

    That is correct. I wonder how bad that thing is gonna ping on pump gas????