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  1. yea I know, it wasn't by choice it sat trust me.. no the needle valve is still in there and yes stuck in the brass fitting, and iis stuck well, it should just fall out normally right. pretty sure its the fuel inlet or the needle valve. already pulled the jet's out and checked them there open.
  2. can someone help me here, cant figure out how to remove the needle valve from the carb, don't they normally fall out after removing the float and spring. I have let it set for a couple years do to money issues and I think the gas went bad and gummed up the carb, it now is getting gas to the carb but none in the float bowl, wanted to remove the needle valve but not sure how it come's out, need some help thanks.
  3. jmbkdrmn

    76 DT 400 lighting prob

    am getting tail light and brake but no head light or gauges, have been restoring this bike of and on for a couple of years 100% complete but cant seem to get past the elec problem. every thing seems good have replaced ignition switch both handle switches new battery, also have spark but its weak, need to get this thing running, any help thanks
  4. jmbkdrmn

    Yamaha YFV450 steering stem

    just added 1" over after market stem and the alignment is off. tryed moving one notch the other way but still off. any tips on alignment. its too fast to not be right no what i mean, thanks
  5. jmbkdrmn


    i just installed new after market steering stem,and my steering was not centered so i broke it down and went one tooth the other way and still not right.well i guess my question is whats the best way to align my steering.thanks...