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  1. I will be riding in Bancroft area
  2. Hey redlaker you must have studs on your tires to get the use out of your bike I was up in red lake in the early 80's
  3. anybody out there have any info on insurance regs to trail ride crown trails in the north country?
  4. rainbow cottages on rice lake also silver leaf cottages on rice lake this is a 10 minute car ride from the ganaraska forest
  5. I was wondering if you have any info on insurance regs for ontario as I am new to all this,send me anything you know please
  6. is it normal for a 01 wr 250 exhaust to get red hot as it comes off the head?
  7. I was wondering if anybody could help me out here.I have purchased a 2001 wrf 250 and a 2001 cr80 for junior.We are going to be trail riding mostly in cottage country,what type of insurance will I need?any help would be appreciated,by the way we will be riding in Ontario Canada