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  1. mercdog

    I want your opinion

    The ltz400 is a great choice. I have an '04 I bought new and it always runs. I've modified and trashed it... but it always runs and is a great all around quad. They even have reverse! Honda's 400ex is just not as fun a machine as the ltz400s. Is slow, and don't like river crossing. The 450s are good too and will have a little more power the the 400s. Yamaha's YFZ450 is solid. The LT-450R is a great quad! LT-450R is my favorite.
  2. mercdog

    what 450 to buy

    Fist off, any of the the 450s will be much more nimmble the your 660. Trzieme is right the Honda TRX450 is slow, but handles well and is reliable. YFZs are great quads. LTRs are best handling stock quads. You'll love it on the track or dunes. They also do great on trails, I think the extra width and smaller tires help on technical trails... as long as you fit between the trees, and don't high center . KTMs are great. Don't like KFX or Can-Am's 450s.
  3. mercdog

    what should i buy

    yfz450 is good choice. I think u'll have more fun with a 450 then a banchee. The 450s handle much better on trails and the track. ltz400s and good quad, with a few mods is only a little down on power to the 450s. LTR 450 a great quad, but has history of tranmission problems, if you ride it real hard. Honda are under powered compared to other 450s. But handle well and are reliable. KTMs are good quads, I don't know of any negatives. They guys I ride with don't care for the KFX450 or Can Am's DS450.
  4. mercdog

    ATV for 10 year old girl?

    Maybe too late, but... DRRs are great quads! Would be good for her for a year or two tops. (unless she is real timid). Honda 250ex is good choice, easy to use and reliable. But Yamaha's Raptor 250 is a sweet little quad, and for a 10year old would be my top choice.
  5. mercdog

    Which 450 for trails and a little xc?

    I know a couple guys that had a KFX 450 for a short bit, but both sold them, because they didn't like they way they rode, and where under powered. Both used it for MX and trails. I've never ridden one. Yamaha's 450 is great as are the KTMs. But the LTRs are my choice, I do more MX... but I like them in the trails as well as any. Without mods the LTR is the best handling quad. If you plan to make a lot of modifications/after market parts, they Yamaha is probably 1st choice.
  6. I am looking to buy my 1st bike. I have ridden a Honda 2000 XR200R a few times, but the suspension and brakes are not adequate for me. I'm nearing 40 and am 6' 1" 185lbs. I will ride local trails to learn, but I want to ride MX tracks. I have raced ATV's on MX tracks for several years.