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  1. moorport

    Ryan Moore Freeride Style!

    I'll be watchin him on TV 10 years from now!!! Killin the stunt comps!!
  2. moorport

    Ryan Moore Freeride Style!

    That is awsome, time to get him a 50stunt.com crf50!! He could be the youngest stunter I have ever seen!!!
  3. moorport

    Ryan Moore Freeride Style!

    Same Bike, Same Rider Custom built CRF 450 from ESD Manufacturing, just in different stages of completion.
  4. Check out this new clip I just finished, Terrorizing the streets on a Dirtbike, LOL. http://esd-mfg.com/media/Ryan_Moore_SupermotoStuntMan.wmv
  5. moorport

    450 circles

    It was so nice today I had to take a brake from cutting metal and work on my circles. my best was 4 today, it is way harder than the 50 or 70. here is a pic
  6. moorport

    adding race head to TB88

    If your clutch is not slipping now, then just run it, if it is slipping already you might need to upgrade it. I run the stock clutch on an 88 race head combo and it works fine.
  7. moorport

    Will this setup Work??

    You should buy a brand new cr85 instead! and a 50 for the price of all that stuff.
  8. moorport

    Ways to make my 70 go faster?

    I put an 18mm carb, rev box, and a power tip on mine, and it made a big difference.
  9. moorport

    Landing Wear?

    Putfile sucks, he should have cracked the throttle wide in the air, might have landed it.
  10. moorport

    Upgrade a CRF70 or get a used KLX110

    I would stick with Honda myself, but I have never ridden a KLX, just had bad luck with kawi in the past. The crf70 is light, handles good, and overall a great bike.
  11. moorport


    They need alot less parts, and feel real good for a bigger person.
  12. 50stunt throttle should work, but you will need a front brake lever and perch, unless you already have one.
  13. moorport


    get in there with some wrenches and make sure everything is tight. Check the spokes to.
  14. moorport

    wheeling a 50

    Keep practicing!! Stay centered on the bike with relaxed upper body and pull it back, make sure to keep your foot on the rear brake, if you go to far back, work the rear brake to bring the front wheel back down. If you lower the rear tire pressure it will help with side to side balance a bit also.
  15. moorport

    wheeling the 70

    They bolt right on through the stock axle!! http://www.50stunt.com/xr_crf70.htm