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  1. twenty34

    I need help with 2015 Crf 450r handling!

    Yes... So FC validated they sent you the wrong spring? That's odd as it's primarily based on your weight. Seperate than measuring sag, when you sit on the bike, you'll know how if there's too much weight forward or reward. If it feels like a stinkbug, that's probably the bulk of your problems, but it's always a good idea to get the sag in the right ballpark first. FC can help you with that.
  2. twenty34

    I need help with 2015 Crf 450r handling!

    I think FC probaby got him the right spring rate, but he might have too much preload on the spring currently. Ask 5 ppl how they calc sag, and you usually see inconstencies.
  3. twenty34

    I need help with 2015 Crf 450r handling!

    25-35mm of free sag is your target after you have set your race sag. Running more than 105mm of race sag is very common BTW. Get the weight off the front end, not on it.
  4. twenty34

    2016 KTM'S PEOPLE!

    Another clueless internet response. That's why they invented the SFF Air fork...
  5. twenty34

    I need help with 2015 Crf 450r handling!

    It actually could be too much sag or not enough. Get too much weight on the front end of a CRF, it can have a contradictory effect. One key variable not answered is where is his SAG set at.
  6. The issue he is experiencing actually has nothing to do with gearing, it's the restrictive exhaust that hits a wall. I used to think the same until I put a pipe on it, now I can run a larger rear (unlike before when I considered going down on teeth). While the solution is more expensive (a pipe), it's a better overall value considering it widens the powerband and minimizing shifting....And also adds HP. The transformation is quite remarkable.
  7. The manual will provide you with some soft, medium and more aggressive settings to use...All work well so you should do fine. MXA settings are also good, but I'd start with the manual for now. There are no "bad" settings to use with the TAC forks. They are very forgiving. Good luck and definately work with your clickers after you get a good baseline set for your pressures. Make sure you bleed throughout the day as temps increase since the pressure in the forks will increase as well.
  8. Weight would be a good starting point.
  9. twenty34

    local 15 450 shootout today. My opinion.

    so you have15 posts total and you felt the need to defend KillerK....lol. Here's a quote: "but front end rode high and felt harsh." That's a bike setup issue, not a bike character issue. Totally different concepts, but again, I'll restate that I feel his "opions" sucked in his 4 lap assessment, stock setup or not.
  10. twenty34

    local 15 450 shootout today. My opinion.

    Yea, with what I wrote, you determined that I was defending Green. Classic. I understand a lot, but your comment regarding the RMZ engine is pretty funny for starters. The majority of riders love that engine. Perhaps you had the soft map in it? This is why I felt your public demo opions sucked. Hope that helps.
  11. twenty34

    16's? - Dealer Meeting Date?

    Dear lord. http://motocrossactionmag.com/bike-tests/ktm-tests/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-all-new-ktm-factory-edition-iv
  12. twenty34

    local 15 450 shootout today. My opinion.

    if you had adjusted the clickers, perhaps your "tests" would have some merit. To test stock suspension and try to fgure out if a bike is any good is a waste of time. if you are too heavy, too light, or too fast, your bike test results can and will vary greatly.
  13. twenty34

    16's? - Dealer Meeting Date?

    Even with all the KTM marketing and magazine tests, the misinformation amoung the public is still mind-boggling. The new KTM weighs 226 lbs gents. It IS the lightest bike you can buy.
  14. twenty34

    16's? - Dealer Meeting Date?

    thats a problem considering KTM is 8 lbs less and has an eStart.
  15. twenty34

    16's? - Dealer Meeting Date?

    Accoring to TWMX, "Narita is rumored to be testing an all-new bike that will make its debut later in the Japanese series. Boasting an all-new chassis and engine, the bike is likely a '17 pre-production machine" Read more at http://motocross.transworld.net/photos/japanese-spy-photos-2016-bikes-monday-kickstart/2/#1SSheRjEzOWgUFV6.99