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  1. Zylfrax791

    piston hitting head! help!

    "the piston hits the head" Do you mean the piston hits the valves? Is that what you are trying to say? Can't really see how it could hit the cylinder head before hitting the valves.
  2. Zylfrax791

    piston hitting head! help!

    Yeah, right out of Eric Gorr's new book. Either and/or both of your connecting rod bearings might be worn just enough to cause this.
  3. Zylfrax791

    KTM 450/525EXC Sked Maintenance?

    "What the H is this guy talking about?" Thought he was comparing to the Japanese 450's he might want to buy. The other point was that usually when the KTM starts to wear out from lack of maint. it doesn't usually blow up like the Japanese stuff from what I've seen.
  4. Zylfrax791

    KTM 450/525EXC Sked Maintenance?

    Valve adjustment is much easier and you don't need all those shims. To do the top end I think you need a special KTM tool for the cam chain. Other than that the parts prices are probably about the same. I've seen all kinds of Japanese RFS engines completely destroyed inside when the valves let go but all the KTM's I've ever seen basically just kept running worse and worse until they wouldn't run anymore.