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    changing fenders on the xr650r

    You can get your black fenders here http://www.macmoto.com/xr650bodywork.php
  2. Andymoto

    Tenerife - canary island?

    I have not seen a moto x track in Tenerife,But you will have a fantastic time doing anything off road there,I would recommend you hire a 4x4 instead of bike,because the protective bike gear is virtually none existant.I drove from one side of the island to the other which took 4 hours and I did not see one other person. You can drive up around the volcano (mount tide)which is breathtaking it is just like the moon pictures you see,with very wierd rock/laver formations everywhere with roads cut thru them,one word of warning though if you do go off road be aware of the hornets out there they are nasty.Andy