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    WAAAAY off the subject.

    I know this is way off the subject here, but, I am building an A65 BSA Flattrack bike, and I am looking for a Redline or a Trackmaster Frame. Just thought maybe one of you guys have one or might know some one that has one for sale.

    Seal Saver Installation

    Has anyone installed seal savers on a 2001 WR426. I know I can figure it out but just thought I might get some suggestions.

    Kids Bike

    I too have the same problem. My son has a TTR 90 and is getting a little bored with it. Instead of buying a new bike I bought a POWROLL 101cc kit for it which includes a race cam, Supertrapp Exhaust and a high flow head pipe and a 49.5mm 11:1 compression piston. It's supposed to give a minimum of a 50% increase in horsepower. The cylinder is being bored right now, when I get it together i'll let you know how it works. Total parts cost for the kit is about $500.00 and includes all gaskets, etc., this cost doesn't reflect the $70.00 core charge on the cam.

    what kinds of jobs do we all have

    I own a Construction company, and an aftermarket Harley Shop. And in my spare time.....

    bike magazine recommendations...???

    Ilike all types of bikes, I'm just getting into the Harescrambles, I like Road Racing, Motocross and Supercross are okay, Speedway is cool, Trials , Been Riding Flat Track for ages. Cycle News is the only one that covers them all, and it comes every week. Oh yeah, can't forget Easy riders, gotta have my monthly dose of Biker Chick Titties( that is until I make the yearly pilgrimage to sturgis to see them in person).
  6. The goggles I ordered are in, just not all of them. I have 3200 light sensitive carbon, 3304 light sensitive black, 3200 clear black, 3400 light sensitive blue, 3300 clear black no fog. all other styles are either back ordered indefinitely or are un-available. check the post above for the pricing and ordering info. Thank's Jeff

    What to do?

    I have been jetting Carb's for years (other than the FCR's) this thing drove me nut's until I took the time to understand how it works. Order the Pilot Air Screw pn# 021-230 and Spring pn# 021-235, about 4 main jets richer and 4 leaner than stock, pn#s 019-131,019-132,019-133,019-150,019-134,019-151,019-135,019-152 (155 - 172). Slow Jets pn#s 019-005, 019-006, 019-007, 019-008, 019-009, 019-010, 019-011 (35 - 50). Main Air Jets pn#s 019-202,019-206, 019-210, 019-214, (160, 170,180,190). This is way too many parts, but you will have enough parts to attain whatever jetting you require without the pain of reordering and waiting for more parts. all of these parts plus shipping cost me about 70 bucks. All of these are sudco Part #s the phone # is 1-800-998-3529. Do a search on jetting Q's and yes, the back of the factory manual is very helpful also. Set your Main Jet first then go from there. If you still don't get results just ask. I don't know what your stock needle is, Mine is a DRR, I raised the clip One notch. Good Luck

    What about this Jetting Dilemma?

    Didn't work I'll have to figure out how to get the picture to load.

    sending a picture

    Anybody know how to include a picture with a post?
  10. Subj: jetting dilemma Date: 3/24/2002 8:06:05 PM Central Standard Time From: Scooterpoor To: Scooterpoor Right-click picture(s) to display picture options " I TOLD YOU THAT SOMEBITCH NEEDED AN EMN NEEDLE" " I TOLD YOU THAT SOMEBITCH NEEDED AN EMN NEEDLE"

    Parts for tall guys

    Sorry for the Un-Politically correct humor there. But as I am only 5'6", and had to let the adjustment all the way out on the rear shock just so I could reach the ground with my tip toes, I really couldn't add any thing else. They don't have anything at the store for lengthening, but if they did I'd take a bath in it. gotta go now I seem to have lost my trusty step stool.

    E Needle results HELP?

    I have an '01 WR 426, don't know if your's is the same or a 400, after reading jetting q's there seems to be a difference in the jetting. the settings below were perfect everywhere except wot near the rev limiter, it got just a little rich on the highest grade pump fuel. Now I am running a 25/75 mix of VP C-12 and the highest grade of pump fuel I can buy (92-93) and It's perfect.

    Parts for tall guys

    Go to krogers, and get yourself a big can of Crisco. I heard it's Shortening.


    Sorry I forgot to include the part #. WR3100V

    Easier Clutch Pull!!!

    Can you say WEENIE! I'm just gettin back into the dirt bike thing and have been (and still am) pulling Clutch levers on ancient (and new) Harley's and BSA's. This 426 clutch was so light I thought I had come into atleast the 20th century anyway.