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  1. i have the classic honda swingarm also, and have not had any problems with it after almost 6 months of abuse. it also came with extended brake rod.
  2. sweet!! looks like alot of fun. i love the wooden tabletop.
  3. yea really guys!! he said he doesnt even ride minis, he just saw the deal and figured he would point it out. yes they are cheap forks, that probably dont have oil in them and probably wouldnt hold oil for more than a 5 min ride, but thanks for the heads up silver surfer.
  4. any purse money??? are you talking about a race or just a ride day?
  5. not only are alot of knockoffs unreliable they are UNSAFE!! good luck with parts.
  6. uhhh....695.00.......quality????
  7. there is a very big race coming up in boston mass, at F1 bostons indoor kart facility, this will be a top notch event just get some motard tires and come ride, look in the xr50/70 section there is a thread on it.
  8. it sounded like people can expect to pay slightly more than your average minibike race entry fee, but it is a charity event so this is a good cause, also the facility is $ 1500.00 to rent, so higher fees are understandable.
  9. klx 110 without a doubt, parts avail is much easier to come by (kawi dealers all over the place), reliability is better, and if you want a fast bike and have that extra 1000 to spend then you can get a 138 kit without having to machine the cases, even a 134 will get you around good, i think you should be able to go faster on the 134 then the china 125 also, and if you do your own work you'll have money to spare even after you purchase the bore up kit, and dont forget 60$ gets you the 4th gear shift drum..................KLX
  10. klx-klx-klx!!!!
  11. you may want to ask this question in the "pitbike" section.
  12. just bring it back to the dealer scince you just bought it they should take care of it right away for you......right?
  13. unbelievable, i advise you not to listen to these poooster pushers, but you have everyones opinion, so now you have to decide for yourself.
  14. "BBR STYLE FRAME" hahaha......what a CLAM