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  1. mxrider801

    Opinions on price

    It all depends on what similar bikes are going for in the area. I would check cycle trader, the paper, local craigs list and any other online classified for the area and price accordingly.
  2. mxrider801

    KTM 690 Baja

    Goog eye!
  3. mxrider801

    Aluminum Framed KTM?

    That is a nice PS job! It looks good but if they did it, it would be black. I like my current frame just fine though and think that the weight is just fine. Just some specifics; the current KTM frame isn't exactly steel. Its an alloy, chromoly. They do have an aluminium sub frame though.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromoly
  4. mxrider801

    Would I be faster on a 2 stroke?

    Ah don't get an XR those things are beasts! They are heavy heavy heavy. I rode 4 strokes for a while and love power so of course I ended up with the big bikes. I now own an 07 KTM 250 XCW 2stroke and couldn't be happier... well maybe if it was a 300 but Id have to ride one to see for sure. But seriously I love this bike! It is pretty light(226 with out gas) and it has a really low center of gravity with its new motor design. It has great power and you can adjust the delivery using the three power valve springs they give you or with and exhaust( it takes about 2 min to change the springs so you can even change them on the trail). The XC has intermediate suspension so it works on the track or on the trail. My first few rides on it were at the track and it did great. Later I went and rode some rocky dusty trails and it soaked it up great as well. For me the 2 stroke was the ticket. Well enough with the KTM ad. If I were you I would set up your bike for you and give it a go. At the same time see if you can ride a buddies 2 stroke or maybe even rent one. Ride them a few times and see which one you like better. Good luck
  5. mxrider801

    Do not ride Suzuki hehe

    Lol i didn't even notice till you said something.
  6. mxrider801

    Husky TE610 Virginia woods video

    Husky123 you are one lucky guy! I wish I had riding that close to my house.
  7. mxrider801

    Cherry Creek National, May 12th

    OUCH! I'm a wuss I would have been like F this. Sounds like you had a lot of fun though. Nice Podium!
  8. mxrider801

    Cherry Creek National, May 12th

    So how was it guys?
  9. mxrider801

    Anyone make it to JR's opening weekend?

    I love whoops too but as you said those are dangerous. Having a way around is a good idea IMO. If they cut them down and/or spaced them more I'd gladly hit them. Whats with the rocks there? Did they fix that? I had a rock break through my air box. It put a huge hole in there.
  10. mxrider801

    Anyone make it to JR's opening weekend?

    I went alone. But there was another ktm guy there with an MXC i think? And yeah those whoops are crazy. I'm glad you can go around them. I just started riding again after a 2 year break. I was getting my but kicked on that new track. I spent most of my time on the old track, where I belong. I just worked on cornering and the basics. Not trying to kill myself just yet.
  11. mxrider801

    What trails are open in Utah?

    Thanks for the info guys! My buddy broke his clutch perch so we didn't get to ride this weekend. But it looks like I'll be headed to the desert for a few weeks.
  12. mxrider801

    who sings 1st song in this video?

    lol kwad up!
  13. mxrider801

    Sweet posters that I can make for you...

    Its cool that you are doing it for free and it is nice that offer it. But there is a lot more work in 136's and mxderek's work. Don't get me wrong here I'm not bashing your work, it is pretty good. But, I can do what you are doing in paint in about 15-20 minutes. Copy paste a few photos and then take out the pixelation with the paintbrush. It really isn't that hard. As far as what you think about photoshop... I took a class on photo editing in highschool(I still suck compared to many other people) and let me tell ya photoshop aint that easy. You can do sooo much more with it and there is just a whole lot more to know. The fact that photoshop loads pictures better and reduces pixelation simply shows that it is a superior program. I doesn't mean it is easier.
  14. mxrider801

    What trails are open in Utah?

    Well its been warm for a while now and I'm wondering what trails are open. I'm kind of looking for single track type trails. How's American Fork? I have never ridden there. Thanks Nick
  15. mxrider801

    Anyone make it to JR's opening weekend?

    I went. It was much better than it was a couple of years ago when I last rode it. The new track is huge! Those "whoops" aren't whoops. No one was doing them while I was there. All the tracks and trails were well groomed and taken care of.