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  1. xrcrasher

    Rekluse vs Revloc

    I dont really understand your question, but my Rekluse on my 02 520 has been perfect. I cant make it stall or missperform.
  2. xrcrasher

    Needle bearings on drain plug magnet

    I wasnt a happy camper!! My 16 year old nieghbor motorhead kid was there when I pulled the plug and said Holy S&*t!! see ya later! Im working with a local guy that knows these motors. Yeah, a Thumper 570 kit would be nice, but at 55, that sucker would flat kill me. I aint what I used to be, and that sucks. But thats another whiney story,,,
  3. Somehow, I dont think this is a good thing,, I went to change the oil and found five 12mm by 2mm needle bearings on the plug magnet. Bike was running great with no wierd noises. Any thoughts? Thanks, Frank. 02 520 EXC
  4. xrcrasher

    mid range issue with 02 426

    Well, since it idles and runs out to top end fine, Im thinking its isolated to the midrange or needle setting. We went both ways on the clip with no improvement. We may need to go 2 settings one way or the other to see a change. I just thought someone may know a trick for 8500 feet, such as a different needle.
  5. xrcrasher

    mid range issue with 02 426

    Hi gang. A friend of mine recently bought a low miles easy ridden 02 WR 426. The main and idle circuits are dialed in. Good idle, great top end. The midrange is erratic. We dropped and raised the needle one notch and neither helped. I was wondering if there is an inherent quirk with these we dont know about. Ran some carb cleaner thru it and about 2 tanks of gas. Any help will be appreciated. Frank
  6. xrcrasher

    Why do you like to ride Quads?

    About ten years ago my wife got tired of me bitching about all the single track turning to 2 track and said, why dont you just go buy a quad? I have been hooked ever since. I still have my KTM,. but we have been enjoying quading a lot. it is easier for me to ride a quad with my arthritis, and my wife just sold her XR200, so she is 100% quad now.
  7. xrcrasher

    Woodland Park Trip???

    2 bike shops in Woodland ,,D and S cycle and Pikes Peak Polaris have good maps that we produce of the 717 system and Rainbow Falls on the back. Rainbow falls is about 12 miles north of Woodland on Hwy 67. I am leaving for the weekend Friday, but you can call me before that if you want and i can give you some more info. I type really slow!~ Frank daytime 719 686 5525 Home 719 687 2635
  8. xrcrasher

    Pueblo may be history

    Info I got tonite at our CMTRA meeting, last nite a public meeting was held and the city council past stricter no tresspassing laws for the riding area at Pueblo. Now we can be ticketed for tresspassing on the land, and sited as though it is a public road, ae; license plates, license, ect. Word was the force there seemed to care less about the motorized users, and none of the council people were pro motorized. A public input will be held August 10th, but the reporter to the club felt they are only going throught the motions and the deal is done. This is one persons impression that went. Bummer, Frank
  9. xrcrasher

    Tarryall Campsites w/fire

    As CRF230 stated,,PLEASE be careful! Common sense goes a long way. Even in a designated fire ring, sparks can fly. We are WAY dry. I have camped all my life around here with fires, but am too scared to have one. I dont want my name in the paper! Take care, frank
  10. xrcrasher

    back firing

    Yep, he checked that. We are trying to double team the problem. I think most of the simple fixes have been tried, unless the gas is still contaminated. We hope it isnt electrical in a stator kind of way. (&%$#@!) ?? these Hondas are too reliable for a major problem!
  11. xrcrasher

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Not sure if this worked,,but I will test it anyway http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f285/xrcrasher/IMG007.jpg http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f285/xrcrasher/IMG009.jpg
  12. xrcrasher

    06 ktm 525 really a 510?

    Ever seen a pic of a Big Mac or Taco Grande as told by their manufacturers??? Somebody ought to sue for false advertising!! At least my bike runs close to what the alleged cc`s are! LOL!
  13. xrcrasher

    06 ktm 525 really a 510?

    Its the same motor as the original 01 520,just with upgrades each year. As said above,, all the manufacurers have always declared most models rounded off to a higher number. I dont think any motor is the actual displacement as advertised. I actually made my own stickers one time for a Suzuki 400 and labeled it a 396 as actual displacement and a lot of people thought it was a Chevy. Hmmm, you may not understand my post, they havent made a 396 in about 25 years.
  14. xrcrasher

    Roadless Areas Review Task Force Public Hearing in Pueblo!

    I tried the link and it told me "page cannot be found". Is there another link to the areas in concern?, or is it just down now? If I can get more info, I will have our prez email a notice to the membership to try and be there. Thanks for posting Jinny. Frank
  15. xrcrasher

    Pueblo Snow, How Deep ?

    Jinny, I would be up for Sunday,,,,but,,,, {smack me now) Im going on a snow run on 717 with my Qwaud and some friends. I will be planning some Pueblo rides soon, thought, I put a Rekluse on my bike and want to get it dialed in. Who do you ride with there?, anyone elso from the club? Take care, Frank Lilawsa