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  1. mwike

    TE310 on street

    Hello all. I currently have a EC200 and only get to ride it about 6 to 8 times a year - mainly due to work schedule & other interests. However, I do really enjoy those days I get to ride. I live about 30 miles from a public riding course (Brushy Mountain Motorsports Park) in NC. It is double and single track. Question is: With the TE-310, would the 30 mile street ride to the park be fine or with the dirtbike gearing am I going to hate the ride to the park. I'd really like to get a bike where I didn't have to trailer it to the riding location. Thanks, Mike
  2. mwike

    Brushy ride Saturday Feb 20th?

    Does anyone know if they'll be open tomorrow (Friday)? I've been w/o a dirtbike for about 5 or 6 years now and just picked up a new to me EC200. Wanting to refresh my memory as to how slow I am.