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  1. rednekoki

    jetting 05 yfz

    I have put hot cams in and have had the head port and polished. Could probably change my needle setting and lower my main jet but i like to run a lil fatter main with the vp U4. I have to run a 175 main in the summer or it falls on its face above 90 degrees.
  2. rednekoki

    jetting 05 yfz

    I agree with nymxer. In my 05 i run a 200 main and a 48 pilot in the winter with VP u4 it really gives it some kick in the dunes.
  3. rednekoki

    Steering Stabilizer / Dampner

    I have a denton rebuilable stabilizer on my yfz 450 i put in on basically to deaden rutes in the dunes. Very big improvement!
  4. rednekoki


    I have a set of skat trak haulers on 8" blue label douglas rims. I love them made a huge diffrence! I can pick them up with 2 fingers so their very light