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  1. Howzit, My bike is used for trails riding more than anything else. Don't see the point of trading for WR and loosing truck loads of $$$$$ Looking to make some modifications to make it less snappy and a bit more pleasant to ride in the bush. Here' what's been suggested:- Flywheel weight Revalve suspension Rekulse auto clutch Barkbusters and bash plates/radiator guards Any thoughts from your experiences? Many thanks fellas
  2. to the kiwi's out there. what type of fuel are you running in your YZ250F? I've been running BP ultimate 98 in my 06 - someone told me there's some additive that doesn't agree with the bike? thanks in advance for your comments
  3. howzit, i'm passing though LA end of jan from NZ and looking to puchase some gear i.e (boots helmets clothing etc) as I would imagine cheaper in the states. where do you guys recommend? thanks
  4. kiwi8222

    250F - green or blue?

    solid effort on the skiing. ohh queenstown what a place. surpised a kiwi broad didn't lynch you dude.
  5. kiwi8222

    250F - green or blue?

    that they do aussie. just demonstrating the premium of the KTM over the yami. no doubt you guys receive better deas than we do
  6. kiwi8222

    250F - green or blue?

    for sure although I think customs will want to add duty!
  7. kiwi8222

    250F - green or blue?

    looks like my mountain bike with an engine. Mogul eh? your not a kiwi are you?
  8. kiwi8222

    250F - green or blue?

    thanks guys . i guess anything that runs on petrol has potential to cause headaches. seems either option I'll be more than happy.
  9. kiwi8222

    250F - green or blue?

    YZF is about $10.5K NZ best deal i can find = US$7.5K KTM about $13K retail or $9.3K US. A fair chunk. Mate with that sort of difference I can fly return to your land and bring back a tidy american bird to change my oil every two rides.
  10. kiwi8222

    250F - green or blue?

    thanks for that mate. yeah I read about the KTM. Huge premium for over the yamaha down here. Clearly the trip from Austria to NZ is an expensive one
  11. gidday from downunder (new zealand) Ok so i'm a mountain biker looking to get cross country/trail/motocross. Ridden old 4 strokes in the past, the odd two stroke but haven't sampled the latest 4 stroke technology although clearly it's the way forward. Looking at options at this stage - 06 Yamaha YZ250F & new kawi kXF 250. The reading I've done rate the new Kawasaki out in front i.e the complete package. Couple of queries:- 1. Seems the Yamaha is bit soft down low - is is that bad and would it worry the hacker? 2. Yamaha seems to be the solid option from reliability. Any concerns with 3. the Kawi consider extensive engine redesign? 3. Is there really that much difference between the bikes to the average punter? 4. If I'm not going to hammer the motocross like you guys would a WR250F with softer setup and wide ration be a better option? They both have engine - it's a step up from pedaling! BTW seems a hell of a lot cheaper buying a bike in the states rather than down under. Any comments are appreciated cheers kiwi