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    I have to comment on this weekends outing with the kids at Carneige. I watched a guy stopping kids on the kid track and telling them to leave because their engine was larger than 70cc. The kids didn't understand, of course, but he eventuallly got his way after a short discussion with several parents and a park ranger. Was this a concern for safety and the rules? Or was he just trying to free up some track space for his kid on a fifty, you be the judge. Either way, it was sad to see a bunch of 7 to 10 year olds on 90's and 110's get kicked off the track.
  2. thats a tonns racing rack he also makes skid plates I have both and they are the best. tonnsracing.com don't know if he is still in business.
  3. My 8 year old loves his 90 . The suspension is a little soft and under damped for the rough stuff but great for trails. Keep in mind that when stuck on a hill the kid still has to battle the shifter to neutral for the e-start to work.
  4. dito, more dirt drz, more street xr:ride:
  5. You will spend about 350.00 when you are all done. You will have to go to court, which is why he taged you for 25mph over the limit. I got mine for 40 in a 25 and picked out of a group of cars. The young cop was suprised to see a 43 year old under the helmet. It was my second day after buying it and I was still sorting things out.
  6. I've got the plate and just got the rack. He told me he was busy and I told him I'm in no hurry. Two weeks later I got the rack. The first time you crack a boulder and not your case, you'll be glad you waited. Best products on the market!
  7. Tonn's racing. 185.00 powder coated and shipped. You can remount the bag on the rack in the stock location with longer bolts. The stock rack is a joke. Its money well spent.
  8. Do your bike a favor and buy a 20.00 fork support. tie at handlebar crossbar. Pull down to tighten not up. If your bike is in a rail type trailer, don't worry about the rear ,the suspension will keep the tire planted over the bumps, thats what it's designed to do.
  9. I did mine while swapping tires. I drilled holes across from the ones already there and put in two per wheel. They let me ride out on a flat, and for wheel balance at high speed on the street. Took me four hours the first time.
  10. regalman is right! stock saves riding areas! Save your money for gas, were all going to need it.
  11. Can anyone please give me directions to the Dear Creek staging area from Hwy. 99?
  12. I love my drz, but would no more ride on the freeway or highway than I would motorcross it. It lives most happy( and you will to) in the middle of its ability. Hence the "dual" sport.
  13. You can't compare CA. to other states. We are regulated up the a**! I got picked out of a group of cars, all going the same speed, the second day I owned my drz. The cop felt the need to also do a vin varifacation to make sure it wasn't stollen.
  14. The 3x3 and DJ kit, just makes the engine run smooth and reliable. There's nothing worse than opening the throttle expecting one thing, and getting another.
  15. Zeta Armor universal guards are at wheeling cycle supply. Very nice people to deal with. Also check rockymountainatvmc.com, they have nearly the same thing for about 50 bucks and have worked well on my s. I was glad I had them more than once.