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  1. cr rev

    compression standars for KX 65

    Thanks for the info. I will tear it down tonight and have him order new top end kit.
  2. I am working on a KX 65 for a kid in our club. I know 80s 125s should run 190 psi or better but I need to know what a KX 65 should have. It's only has 60 psi amd won't start. Seems like time for a new top end to me.
  3. cr rev

    XR 70 big bore install

    I went home at lunch and removed the head and swapped an o-ring. Looks like oil is getting in on the cam chain side. I noticed the TB oring gasket is thicker than OEM. I still have OEM metal head gasket will it work with the TB big bore cylinder? Anyone out there have ideas? Bike starts on frst kick, warms up, no smoke, rev in neutral no smoke, get on ride smokes like a 2 stroke.
  4. I just installed a TB 88 kit n a 98 XR 70. I'm still getting some smoke in the exhaust. I can't imagine it being blow by since there is nothing coming from the breather. I'm guesing an oil seal is letting some oil into the combustion chamber. Any other ideas or is this normal for break in? The valves were adjusted properly but I'm going to double check.
  5. cr rev

    Melt the side panel?

    Do you guys use a special MX specific tape or will Aluminum tape from the hardware store do the job?
  6. How much clearance does the side panel need around the silencer? I just picked up an 02 YZF and the tire had been rubbing. I rotated the silencer and bent the mounting tab out a bit on the subframe (advice from a search). Now the fender is pretty close, but not touching, the silencer. The tab was angled in toward the tire now it is straight up and down. Stock header w/ WB e series.
  7. cr rev

    reading the VIN

    That checks out with mine as well, Thanks.
  8. cr rev

    reading the VIN

    Does anyone know which digit(s) in the VIN indicates model year? Or is there any other way to positively distinguish between an 01 and 02 YZF 250?