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  1. zackary

    mikuni help

    Does anyone know where I can find some altitude jetting recommendations and hard starting tips for a KLX 300 with a Mikuni TM 33-8012 carb? thx, ed
  2. I bought a used 225 with less than an hour on it. My challenge is it sputters at about 65% of throttle and has loss of power at higher rpms it seems. I should have recorded jet size jet when I cleaned out the carb but did not thinking I'd leave the bike stock for my wife and just get it running after it had sat for 3 years. I had a similar engine tuning issue with a new xr650 at my elevation (8300 feet) . It seems though that just changing the main helped get it running cleanly through the power band without stuttering. Eventually I went further and was able to go much fatter on the main, ad a pipe, different pilot jet, uncork the airbox, changed the rubber manifold boot out, added a K&N and finally a stage II Hotcam and now shes a runner- but I don't want to put any money into a little bike like the 225, that the wife probably won't put 200 miles a year on ;-). Anyone have experience with a ttr 225 at higher elevations or just needing to up stock mains on a new bike wherever they live? Thanks, Ed
  3. zackary

    dual sport kit

    Hey, Thanks for the helpful cmmentary on the 225 conversion. In CO here we must have a hi and low beam I guess. I think that must be the switch you have referred to (perhaps off/low/high/tailight)? Any idea which Yamaha tailight fit so well? the dealers are nto too helpful here in CO/Denver area. thanks for any light you can shed on it. I jsut picked up an 04 wiht 0ne hour on the bike, and will set it up for my wife. Regards, ed ed8300@yahoo.com
  4. zackary

    Ugliest bike ever!

    Not even close... go look at some others. work your way into street bikes and check out a Suzuki Maurader.
  5. zackary

    TTR Pricing - 2004 225

    I just bought an 04 with 45 minutes of riding time on it today for $1600 in Colorado. It will be for my wife who rides very well (and pretty quick) on the street on her 115oR BMW, but I think could use some dirt sliding training for that eventual moment on the street. I had to pull the jets and clean em a bit, dump the original gas since it sat for 3 years (but still looked good). Now it runs great. Yehaw, mint bike for cheap. No need to be worrying about reliability issues. Who cares if some pundit calls it "heavy, or underpowered"; I don;t think its particularly heavy but yes, it's underpowered here at 8,300 feet in Colorado. She loves it, and was happy to see me ride it on the 2" of snow on the driveway for right now. Moab soon enough... ed
  6. zackary

    How many bike have you owned?

    I wrote em all down last week... 57 total street and dirt, and I'm 53 years old. Never a Harley. Lots of 2 strokes and sport bikes , sport tourers, and a few cruisers even primarily bought to fix up and resell... Ed
  7. zackary

    rampart range poker run

    I have friends that go every year and love it. I have not been on the run but have ridden the same trails on my xr650r and had a great time. Go for it... Regards, Ed from Boulder and Missoula MT.
  8. zackary

    Done Honing. Do I Need New Rings?

    Old rings won't seal well. you must put new rings in if you honed it. Clean the piston surface well while its out as well. General rule is -once top end apart, new rings are essential. If I were hard on the bike (a lot of high rpm use) I'd put a new piston, wrist pin and clips in as well..way better safe than sorry.
  9. zackary

    650L what fuel tank?

    I had both the Clark and IMS delivered to the house and sent them both back for finish problems. ended up with the Big acerbis sahara. Acerbis quality makes the others look like your kids made em in art class. The problem is that its too big for general dirt riding in my opinion, but great for long days out in Moab or wherever you don't want ot get stuck. An xr650 will drop down into the mid 20's mpg if tuned a bit so range is a challenge.
  10. Are there any tricks to the Cam install on the 650R? Anything I need to know to install the stage 2 and remove the decompression device? Hot Cams instructions are very basic. Also wondering about all the cautiions about carbon on the head- I'm sure not going to pull the head and scrape pistons and head, to install a cam ;-) thanks, ed ed8300@yahoo.com
  11. zackary

    New '07 XR650R for $4900 is sure tempting

    1.5 years ago I picked up a brand now 03 650R for $4,900 otd in Colorado. Same bike as the new ones. I'd have preferred the L now that I think about the valve adjustments and frequent oil changes, and the fact I'm really not enjoying the kick starting much. Most of my riding is 50/50 dirt street as well. I ride a BMW 1200GS adventure for the street though. I put the Acerbis sahara tank on after looking at IMF and Clark crap quality and having run out of gas in Moab Utah 3 times on a 150 mile run. Carry a siphon hose. Also installed promoto billet rack, Baker's skid plate , FMF pipe and jetting /K&N, and street titled it. A fun ride now. But if you buy the L and wanna trade for a 1300 mile 650R let me know ;-) ed8300@yahoo.com
  12. zackary

    500 street miles in a day on a 650r?

    I've been wondering about how far I could ride my 650r on the street as well... the seat hurts like heck in a short time, and Corbin does not make one . If they did, the problem would be solved by that and some street tires. Dunlop used to make a 21" that I used on a Transalp (perhaps a 591?) that worked well. then it would be fun , not painful. the other question would be gearing- I'd go up 1 in the front or 3 in back whichever can be done cheaper. Finally, the valve adjustment and oil change interval is like 600 miles on this bike, but I think you could go 1000 safely in street conditions , especially if geared higher. Let me know how it goes! Ed8300@yahoo.com from Missoula , MT
  13. I'm installing a Hot cams stage II in a 650r. I've read their instructions and they are either pretty weak or its brain dead simple. Has anyone done it and removed the auto decompression device? Any tricks I should know? Any site that describes it better than the Hot cams site? thanks, ed8300@yahoo.com
  14. zackary

    KLX Hard Starting

    My buddy has a 6 year old 300 with a pumper carb that has gotten harder to start , very hard in fact. The valves are set right. Any other suggestions to look into ? anyone know about the enriching circuit on a pumper carb? We have not really dug into it yet, but he asked me to check around for ideas.. thanks , ed8300@yahoo.com
  15. zackary

    Pigs in the snow?

    Well, I'm gonna do it tomorrow out here in Boulder Colorado! If I fall off too early I'll just come ride back and get the ATV with the ice chest full of beer on back.