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  1. Ratracing

    DRZ400S vs. DRZ400SM OEM Front Brake Pads

    Thanks for the help Boss.
  2. Ratracing

    DRZ400S vs. DRZ400SM OEM Front Brake Pads

    Thanks Bro's....Any thoghts on the killer set up for the brake lines?
  3. Ratracing

    DRZ400S vs. DRZ400SM OEM Front Brake Pads

    Can anyone tell a novice/gimp mechanic if replacing the pads, front and rear on my 05 SM is a simple task, or should I have it done? I'm thinking, it's probably pretty easy. thanks for any help.
  4. Ratracing

    DRZ Speeds - list yours

    Hey guys & gals, do you think a garmin hand held GPS would be more acurate than the speedo on my 05 DRZ400SM? I'll check it out both ways and get back to this thread. Thanks, Curt.
  5. Ratracing

    DRZ400SM Tires In Vegas

    I'm the proud new owner of my first DRZ400SM and I have two questions. 1, what would you recommend for this bike? Right now it has a Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa 120/70 ZR 17 M/C 58 W on the front, and a Pirelli 150/60 ZR 17 66W on the rear. Both are tubeless Radials. I'm just using this to ride back and fourth to work. I'm not so much concerned with mileage as I am with a tire that will be very sticky and hook up killer. Also, where in Vegas would you buy these tires, and who would you have mount and balance them. Thanks for any help on this matter. By the way, this is a 2005. The Rat.
  6. Ratracing

    Anywhere to buy VP in Vegas?

    Alien Motors right off of 15 has it. The number is 312-2217 6385 Dean Martin Dr. The guys in there are great guys and the hours are cool. I just recently bought a Thumpstar from them and have got great customer service from them.
  7. Hey Bro's, I just got a Thumpstar mini. I took it out to the Xplex last Sunday and It was a blast. I'm a first time mini owner and a first time supermotard rider. Anyway they say it's cool for bikes out there again this Sunday. I'm going to be out there at 9:00 am until around 12:00 or 1:00pm. If anyone has a mini set up for motard and into coming out....come out. they let me go every hour in between the carts and the school. Later, RAT :
  8. Ratracing

    TT Help needed

    Yeah, I got the longer cables, it just seems like you should have more adjustment, the throttle works , I just wondered if I had it right. This is my first mini since about a million years ago so I'm slow on the right set up. Thanks for the help Bro's.
  9. Ratracing

    TT Help needed

    I have taken a stock 2005 CRF50 and bolted up a pro taper bar kit to it. Number one, the twist throttle seemed to crack Way too easy when I was tightening the two screws that hold the throttle assembly on. Number two, I had to un-bolt the carb to get the carb cap to screw into the carb (has anyone had to do this?) Number three, I got it all hooked up and the throttle doesn't seem as smooth as the stock one when you twist it, and number four, the motor runs but seems to burble when you first twist the throttle. Any ideas what's up ? Have I just screwed something up or dose any of this sound familiar? The throttle cable seems like it's damn near too short, it's like there is no adjustment. Any help or thoughts on this would be appreciated, as always thanks in advance for your help TT community. The RAT.
  10. Ratracing

    Need stock seat

    Bro, I just bought two 05 CRF50's and I have changed out the stock bars and controls, the stock swing arms, sprockets, seats, pegs, shifters, brake levers. It's all brand new, I rode around in my front yard about 10 minutes when I haul them home. Email me if your interested in this stuff at therat27@cox.net Good Luck.
  11. Ratracing

    Vegas Riding

    OK, Thanks Bro. I appreciate your time.
  12. Ratracing

    Vegas Riding

    Aside from Sandy Valley or mesquite, does anyone know of any tracks or trails that are cool for 50's in the Vegas/Henderson area. Thanks
  13. OK I give. I just bought some Red baron Footpegs for my 2005 CRF50's and I'll be damned if I can get those F'ers to go on. What;s the trick? I get the pins part way through and then they hang up on the G.D. springs. Is there a trick or am I just a total gimp at mechanics? For god sakes someone give me a tip to aid in this matter. Thanks for your time The Gimp RAT
  14. has anyone used the Takegawa Econo Manual Clutch Kit with 3 Disc Clutch assembly that Classic Honda sells for a couple hundred bucks. I'm wondering if it works well and if it's hard to install. Thanks for any help on this. RAT.
  15. OK, you guys have come through so far, here's my next question. Who has a cool stand to wrench on the fiddies? As always your help is appreciated. Thanks. The RAT