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  1. 4realracing

    yfz450 with NO go! PLEASE HELP

  2. 4realracing

    Yamaha yfz450 with NO go! PLEASE HELP

    :bonk: I have a 04 yfz450. My problem is that when a hammer on the throttle it cuts out, spits ,sputters and doesn't GO ! When starting she instantly fires and runs and holds a strong idle sounds good too! I've visually inspected the wiring harness for a cut or unpluged wire everything seems normal. Next i moved to the carb thought that maybe with the season change it may just need to be jetted, I've jumped up and down through several jet sizes ranging from a 132 all the way up to a 168 and after every jet change there has been no noticeable inprovement. Can someone PLEASE HELP? Thanks
  3. 4realracing

    Portsmouth NH

    If I was you i'd drive over to Rochester ,Nh make your way in to east Rochester using the Spalding turn pike and cross over in to Lebanon, Maine Rt. 202/11. Drive only a couple miles and at your 1st light bang a right, take your next left and not long after the rd. turns to dirt you will see that the rd. opens up and there is a huge place to park on the right side. Unload and connect to the trail accross from where you park. I think its called Hattfield and Mccoy trail system..any way it will not disappoint miles and miles of interconnected trails, some open tote roads and others are tight gncc types of trails, there are also a couple of sand/rock pits to play in. Plan on bringing extra clothes cuss the trails will get you and your quad covered in mud before the days out. Note: If you do not find the turn off parking spot after making your left turn, turn around and continue down the other road checking the next left or lefts until you find the large open parking area. I've only been there once and I was following someone but trust me its there and you will be happy you made the trip. It's no more then 40 minutes from Portsmouth. If your affraid to try to find it alone drop me a message and maybe i'll plan another trip out that way myself.
  4. 4realracing

    06 a-arms on 04 frame?

    since last post I've scooped up the new 06 arms off E-bay can't wait to get them in, they won't be like a sweet set of long travels, but on my tight racing budget they will be perfect.
  5. 4realracing

    Yamaha 06 a-arms on 04 frame?

    May be a dumb question, but can someone please tell me if I can use stock 2006 a-arms on a 2004 yfz450. Thanks
  6. 4realracing

    Another dark side member.

    Trust me my friend, I've owned a yfz since october of 2003 I may just know a thing or two about how a yfz responds.""FIND YOUR GEAR" and don't be scared to beat on it it loves to be drivin hard! 1st thing I did was drop the shitty exhaust. Pick up any brand name exhaust and k&n air-filter and let her breath. You'll be happy you did.
  7. 4realracing

    yfz450 vs raptor700r?

    From what i understand the a-arms will be +2's compared to the ltz400....Do your math fool.
  8. 4realracing

    Is this pipe for a quad?

    looks like a slip on for a yfz450
  9. 4realracing

    Another dark side member.

    find the right gear....and be ready to shift often!
  10. 4realracing


    I live in Rindge, New Hampshire about 5 min from winchendon,Mass I ride a trail system that connects to it not sure how much riding there is on the Mass side ,but jump the state line here and theres 100's of miles of trails exspecialy this time of year because alot of it is snow covered only,plus you gain the lakes and pounds.Hope this helps you out....ride fast!!!
  11. 4realracing

    yfz450 vs raptor700r?

    The magazine was right!!,they get paid to print FACTS not bull shit.......If the guys you were racing were as good a rider as U and your friend claim to be You would be claiming different....Any skilled rider has an automatic advantage over a casual inexperienced rider. One thing I can say is I have no trouble controling,racing,jumping,or,cornering my 450. It has more than enough power for me to have a great day in any element and I think we should keep our attention on the new suzuki 450r that will be droping soon...stock plus 2's,shocks like the yfz450,slightly heavier but I'm sure they will have it dialed right in and it will be giving the yfz450 a run for it's money.
  12. 4realracing

    yfz450 vs raptor700r?

    I read an article in dirt wheels, who have been telling people for like 30 years which bike is ''better/faster'' and basically what i gathered is that the 700 is going to be for the more casual rider. In there shoot outs the 450 was always the quicker of the two. They said that the 450 is the bike of choice for the person who mx's or who wants to drive fast all the time. The 700 is a great trail quad this being because you can pretty much slip it in to third and she has enough tork to lug you through with little shifting..unlike the 450 where if your in the wrong gear she bogs quick. Also all test riders said the 700 was overall more comfortable. So there you have it we can all claim where a certified tech or what ever but I tend to believe someone who is being paid to put together a shoot-out to tell us there finding with lap times. I know I won't be switching to a 700 any time soon until then i'll still be smokin every thing that comes my way....with a bad case of bump stear to go with it
  13. 4realracing

    Ice Racing in New Hampshire

    Cool, I'm going to find out where stone pond is exactly and check it out. I think it may be a couple weeks before the ice is safe again....due to the warm spell we're having.
  14. 4realracing

    Ice Racing in New Hampshire

    Anybody from the New Hampshire area? I'm living in Rindge, NH and I'm looking for people to get together on Saturdays for some ice racing action! Interested drop a line. This will NOT be AMA racing,just a group of buddies tearing it up.
  15. 4realracing

    Is the kick start worth it

    I jump start mine using my truck that way I don't kill my battery , Fires right up then once I run it for awhile I don't have a problem getting it going with the button. I do wan't to pick up the kicker but seems a bit pricey...maybe later