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  1. cannonbolt

    New RMZ450 Purchase Advise

    That's what I do with my RMZ450, except in TN and GA. I find the 450's are easier to ride than a 250F. Sure there's more power there to get you in trouble, but there's also more power there to get you out of trouble! I ride my son's RMZ250 from time to time. I have to work a lot harder on that bike and I find myself in situations where a quick flip of the wrist would have gotten me out trouble on the 450, but I have to work to try to save it on the 250. Just remember you have to go back to work on Monday and you'll be OK.
  2. cannonbolt

    Test drove a new RMZ450 have questions?

    The '04 YZF, much like all the YZF's before it, has much more of a 2-smoke feel--a pretty hard mid-range hit. That makes the RMZ feel as you said, "lethargic". The difference is that the RMZ pulls all the way through to redline without dropping off substantially and the power it makes is more usable as a result. One thing you will definitely notice is that you are able to ride a lot longer without getting tired. Oh, and I believe the RMZ handles much better. I don't think you'd be sorry you made the switch.
  3. cannonbolt

    Timing Trouble

    If you are like me, you don't work on these things every day. And if you rebuild one, it's once a year or less. I find I have to think a lot more than I should when I rebuild one and there are bound to be mistakes. Last time I rebuilt one of my RMZ's I got it all back together and for some reason, I still think it was Divine, I remembered I didn't tighten the head bolts. That could have caused all kinds of problems. Also, just adjusting the chain on the exhaust side would probably not have been enough, by itself, to cause the chain to jump. But when you throw in a new timing chain that is bound to do some stretching, after 4 hours of riding that thing could have been really loose--enough to jump. You know, it seems like there is very little aftermarket stuff for our bikes. I guess they are still too new. Either that, or they are so awesome that there is no way to improve them!! I have not seen a comprehensive service manual yet.
  4. cannonbolt

    Timing Trouble

    You said the chain seemed tight when you tore it down--are you sure it was at TDC when you checked the tension? The tension should be adjusted on the compression stroke. It could feel tight on the exhaust stroke, but still be loose overall. I'm guessing, though I don't know for sure, that the chain was adjusted on the exhaust stroke after the rebuild. Still, from what I've read and heard, it's a good idea to adjust the tension after a few hours on a new bike or chain. Glad it didn't mess it up too bad--sounds like you were pretty lucky (livin' right maybe?).
  5. cannonbolt

    Timing Trouble

    About the only way that can happen is if the timing chain gets loose. Within the first few hours of riding it's a good idea to adjust the chain tension. Then again at about 10 hours or so. After this, only occasional adjustment is required since most of the chain stretch has already occured. Did you adjust the chain tension? Did you notice excessive noise from the motor? Hope it didn't trash the head!!
  6. cannonbolt

    Need a back wheel!!

    Anybody have a back wheel they want to get rid of? I don't have time to build one and need it quick.
  7. cannonbolt

    250f or 450f

    I've been riding a Cannondale X440 for the past year. It's a great bike, but I think I want to add a newer bike to the stable. Right now I'm not sure if I want a 250f or 450f. I haven't ridden a 250 to know how much power they have, but I've heard they are fun to ride. Has anybody ridden both extensively, and if so what's it like riding a 250 after riding a 450? Thanks for your input.