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  1. Reliability ? Just a thought. Oh and for all of us thinking what 16:1 is like blowing up please take a video of the first cold fire up please should be some good times
  2. Gonna go pick up bike now as this mechanic is dead set on it being the CDI. Guess having a spare CDI handed to you would rule that out eh ? So the Squirt should last atleast 1 sec strong yeah ? ( Wife was over shoulder at this point laughing at me, She was like Hmm your bike as P E D as well ? Gawd damn it no respect anymore ) I found a Video showing squirt for a 37mm two smoke. Anyone have a 4T FCR Vid ?
  3. Yeah AP circuit is in my thoughts aswell, Both part changers I brought my bike to think its the CDI box even after being told it was replaced and everything up to carb was troubleshooted prior to include mechanical and electrical. I even told the mechanics what I think it is and they both basically ignored my input. So Im stuck with morons with more time then me to work on my bike
  4. Can I get a Ap Circuit Trouble shooting link ? I have a 03 one owner bike. It has been well maintained from day one. This off idle showed up over like couple of rides started to notice a off idle bog stutter. It got worse pretty fast probably like 3-4hrs riding after showing up. Here what I have checked or otherwise. 1) CDI replaced problem still there. 2) Coil replaced " " 3) Plug " " 4) valve check 5) Timing chain adjust and self adjuster check 6) Compression release spring replace. 7) Cleaned out carb and replaced jets with brand new ones even though I was 100% old one are fine. 8) Kill switch removed 9) Baja Designs controls removed for trouble shooting the electrical. 10) Cleaned the gas filter inside the gas tank( Most people don't even know its there ) Ap circuit has had the adjustment for the famous off idle bog they came with new. I was looking at the plunger being bad or something. This bike has seen two mechanics that have basically repeated everything I have done. I dont trust my local honda dealer for troubleshooting. So I'm reduced to finding a honest tuner. Was actually thinking of bringing it to you Ed. Thanks for any help guys.
  5. Try this first I do it to all my new bikes. Take some good brake clean remove the spark plug get your motor to top dead center spray down the plug hole get a real good amount of fluid in there. Now get ontop of the bike and go nutts kicking till all the fluid stops spitting out the top (hence dry break in dont even let the dealer start the bike or you wont accept delivery) Now replace the plug start it up let it idle till she spits coolant, Turn it off once cool go riding should be fine. If you keep trying to break in unseated rings with oil on them your hitting a wall and most likely looking at another Hone job and new rings again. If you have less then 30 min on motor im sure this will work for you.
  6. My 03crf450r starting procedure... 1) remove exhaust plug 2) check fuel, turn fuel in the on position point straight up. 3) twist your throttle 3 times atleast 3/4 throttle 4) DO NOT TRY TO KICK START YOUR BIKE NOW !! 5) Slowly push down on your kick starter through its full range of motion three times(HOLD DOWN KILL SWITCH-you dont want to burn fuel yet) 6) Turn on choke 7) Take your kickstarter from top of travel down 1/4 way, Now KICK HARD ONCE. No throttle period. If it doesnt start only repeat step 7 three more times..Then if it doesnt start repeat from step 3 once. Let the bike sit as it is very possible the bike may get flooded. My bike can sit for 1 yr and will start every time repeating this process first try. If you have never owned a 4 stroke plz do us and yourself a favor, Dont try to ride it like 2 stroke, Short shift every gear DONT REV out to the rev limiter. My 03 has only needed new rings once and never I repeat never needed Valves and or Piston. Oh and I ride mine on the streets here in UTAH. So it has probably 1500+hrs on it. Take care of your ride and your red rider will last a long time. Dont take your bike apart other then checking the spark plug, Anymore then that I would be in contact with the previous owner. Good luck
  7. If your running into alot of low end stalling I would sudjest a taller gear in the rear so your entering the corners with a higher RPM, This has been a known issue with all 4 strokes nothing new here. No Flaw just driver error. I personally love the 450R as a trail bike, putting a 12-52 combo on and your ready to pull stumps. My Idle on my bike is 1650 with a 13 trail tech flywheel. Run some evans coolant and enjoy.
  8. Most residents (except rural neighborhoods )have a sound order in effect from 7am to 9pm he is breaking this rule first off. Second the lack off respect, driving around before going to work. I would try to talk to him once get a feel for him and then tell him what you expect to change. It only takes thee phone calls to the police before they have to really do something about it. That can be differenet from state to state, some HOA can sell your home for you as it is in your contract for the land. Good luck I do like the train horn thing though. Get with all your neighbors around tell them what your planning. I would love to be a in on that.
  9. Putting a heavy flywheel inplace till she gets used to the power really tames the bike down.
  10. True riding is 95% rider 5% bike. Truth be told the CRF150r SCHOOOOOLS any other two stroke 85-105 . Not sure if your coment was directed to me but thats my .02 worth. Havent posted here in some time because of the Trolls wow there still around Like I tried to say with out the holy one stepping in, Buy a 150 and you wont be let down !!!!
  11. Grats to you then, Nice to see you got by the Vin check. They see that 8th digit your done. Here's mine in utah Like I said I tried for four years to get it done running into everytime I tried. I lived in pinells county they check everything there. I had a DOT inspection done by trooper, insurance, etc.. everything.I hear Going to Ga is the easiest as sending your title to another state to another person Is Fraud to the letter. I wouldnt risk that. Hey you could give me $1k for my legal frame plus your frame I will send you tag and title. JK
  12. It cant be done period. I just moved from florida myself. The only way possible is to travel to georgia and get it plated there come back and when the tag expires then go to dmv and show them you plate reg. I tried for 4 yrs to get it done and was shot down every year I tried. I just got mine done here in utah as soon as I moved. Wow its fun on the highway.
  13. My son has a 07 and he pulls dead even with a 250 side by side.I ended up putting Protaper bars,ASV F1 levers,FmF Q4 exhaust. I also had to jet it from the showroom but it rocks any 2 stroke 85cc or 105cc. He complains that the cr85 is way to weak on suspension. If your new to honda you can see the crf150r is basically the same frame as a cr85. With some slight mods you will be happy with a Crf150r. There isnt really anything close to yet asfar as performance. I would also like to say, This bike did get Best Bike of the year in 07 when I purchased. I have had no issues other then the cam,swing arm recalls.Get the bike jetted in 1-2 hard rides replace the sprockets and chain. This bike is as solid as day one. You wont be disappointed in a crf150r purchase, Good luck in whatever you do.
  14. This is my 03 Crf450R 13 0z trailtech flywheel 90 watt Rickystator Vapor computer Engine is bone stock all original valves since 10/01/02. I havent had to adjust them yet as I do shift. Just now getting ready to do my first rebuild to put in the stroker crank and the big bore kit from La Sleeve. Rekluse clutch in the plans Pic dates are wrong, this is right after getting her home after plating here in Utah.
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