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  1. Not who but what? FLYKTM. adj. 1:To be such an incomprehensibly massive douchebag as to unite an entire Internet forum. “Dude, you’re acting kind of FLYKTM today.” 2: to exhibit troll-like behavior without the commiserate humor. “Town Square is like the pro forum but more FLYKTM.”
  2. He welches big.
  3. Pinks or nothing?
  4. This actually might be something you could reach out to the TLD marketing/PR department about. It’s a good story and press.
  5. There go all the bong guesses.
  6. I wanted to be a smartass and give the scoop like I had a super-awesome guessing ability but I’ll be good.
  7. Everyone has their weaknesses: profile pics, posting links, revalving CR 250s......
  8. Everyone needs a hero and I found mine
  9. Ribs are making a surprisingly fast comeback. Slackkinhard remembers my desert 100 practice crash that goofed up my ribs 8 or 9 years ago and these are getting better faster.
  10. That was Tom cutting it while Ryan and I extricated
  11. Yeah, I was playing fast and loose with the wording. F-ed up my ribs would have been more apt of a description. Definitely can feel something, probably cartilage, popping/hanging up. It’s a weird sensation.
  12. Chest protector but it was a long time in the air till I hit the ground.
  13. Mine are lower ribs. Not lung level.. oddly swimming with my daughter was more painful than most anything. Beer is a crazy good pain reliever too. No joke, it seems to relax the muscles.
  14. So.... a limb tossed me off the bike and down a steep embankment. It’s been a little less than a week and it’s clear I’ve broken a rib or two. Bottom two on my left side. Other ribs and chest were hurt too but I think just strained. Anyone have experience with riding with these? I have a pretty high pain tolerance and feel like I can ride soon as long my as I don’t crash, cough or sneeze. Am I going through exacerbate the healing process?
  15. Unadilla 2002 and Budds Creek 2003. Point is the guy was the best rider in a generation. Faster at times than the GOAT. His shortcomings are well noted by the unwashed masses, but as a fan of Motocross he stands in a special place for those that appreciate the craft.