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  1. Wonderspoon

    Carbon tax initiative

    My Father in law runs a seed plant in Garfield. Growing up a Westsider I see the appeal of both climates and living situations.
  2. Wonderspoon

    Carbon tax initiative

    Window is closing. When we moved it was a big risk since we had a mortgage and no income but we bet on professional value. It was really tight for employment. I had to beat a hundred applicants for my job. We bought our house for 132,000 seven years ago. It’s easily worth more than double that now. More jobs available every day but home prices are going up quickly.
  3. Wonderspoon

    North Idaho Saturday

    Might have a similar window next Saturday if anyone is game.
  4. Wonderspoon

    Mod or sell my XR200R

    Mine is a 97. She’s as comfortable as a couch but could hold up higher in the stroke for sure. 400 front end some day but I love her for what she is.
  5. Wonderspoon

    North Idaho Saturday

    I’ll shoot you a PM
  6. Wonderspoon

    Mod or sell my XR200R

    I love my 280 the most of all my bikes. It does get worked harder by rough trail. In tight and (relatively) smooth trails I can keep the pace. Too much big trail garbage and the lack of suspension and ground clearance show up. It does fine, I just have to back off a couple percentage points. It’s a blast to ride at that 90% pace, but some of the guys I ride with are pretty quick and the YZ is better for keeping up. I’m keeping the 200 at least until spring. Selling it would fee up some play cash to street legalize my 280 and/or get my kids a 50 (5 year old started riding a bike recently) so that’s what it’s up against.
  7. Wonderspoon

    North Idaho Saturday

    Negative ghost rider. Maybe next weekend?
  8. Wonderspoon

    Who is going to take the #7 after their championship?

    It took you over two months to come up with that? Step it up bruh!
  9. Wonderspoon

    Mod or sell my XR200R

    I do appreciate the help. It’s a fun bike and I’m 50/50 on keeping it. Modded out I’m sure it’s much better, but the limitations of my 280 make me think the 200 will be a pure play bike.
  10. Wonderspoon

    North Idaho Saturday

    Short window open tomorrow while the kids are out. Need to be on the south hill of Spokane by 1 so probably done by noon or a little earlier. Any takers? Probably hit Canfield or Fernan. Open to suggestions.
  11. Wonderspoon

    Extreme Enduro Places to Die For... Mudmixer's Big Fall

    Aww c’mon bud. You know I’ll ride over anything but a small trail adjustment to mitigate risk doesn’t bother me at all.
  12. Wonderspoon

    Mod or sell my XR200R

    I’m in a similar situation with a 1990 200. I have a big bore XR 280 and super modded yz 295. I love the idea and simplicity of the little XR but after trying a big Boy ride on the 280 I realized I’m big and fast enough that I can overwhelm it. It feels like the play bike in the fleet so where does the 200 fit?
  13. Wonderspoon

    Topo Map Question: shaded areas?

    hmmm. Definitely bat country then.
  14. Wonderspoon

    Topo Map Question: shaded areas?

    I’ve don’t remember seeing it on a paper map so I assumed it was from the stitching together process when going online digital.Or possibly bat country...
  15. Wonderspoon

    Finding Stew

    It would have been the better move but I place this in the “who friggin cares?” category. Opining on grown men racing toys is pretty low on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.