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  1. Wonderspoon

    THE KYB SSS Fork Offroad Revalve

    I'd bet that last 11.2 is just an 11. I found that if you push too hard or too softly on the shim you can change the number a fair amount. I basically copied Dadee's stack from a couple years ago and like it. I think you might ride with Ryan? If so I can say I really like that setup on the big scree fields.
  2. Wonderspoon

    Walker Valley Toughest Trails

    I know that turn but no. Lower on the trail. You were on your ktm and I forget what he was on. I was riding an Italian husky. I think you two were taking a break and I recognized him. Is that guy still out riding? First time I rode with him He was rocking a sweet gas gas 300 that I really enjoyed. He seemed equally impressed with my Husky. We probably should just have traded bikes right then and there. Good guy and smooth rider.
  3. Wonderspoon

    Walker Valley Toughest Trails

    Yours is certainly less likely to creep people out less than when you recognize that someone at a wedding is acutally from your 4th grade class with Mr. Veatch...........I mean, not like that's ever happened..... In my older age I've just learned to keep my mouth shut. I always thought it would be rude not to say anything to someone I recognize but I now realize the vast majority of people don't remember faces very well..
  4. Wonderspoon

    Walker Valley Toughest Trails

    I wonder if you remember that we met for about a minute? A left hand uphill switchback at Mad Lake. You were with Hurricane Harry who I'd ridden with twice at Walker. Steve just used your handle when introducing you.
  5. Wonderspoon

    Walker Valley Toughest Trails

    I try to only show this mild superpower when helpful because it creeps some people out. I just remember faces uncannily well and personal details of just about everything about people I’ve met soooooo. The video I think you’re referring to is by Willie (I’ll leave out his last name) Posts as over40rider and later rider41 and the video is how to blow snot bubbles. You can probably find it. I think his YouTube account is throttlejockey41 Yeah, I’ll leave it at that.
  6. Thanks, now I can say I’ve mastered liberal indoctrination. Beta is a 300, but so is my yz so it doesn’t move my needle as much.
  7. Bro, there is a sweet 2016rr for sale locally for 5200. I just passed my national boards and get a little pay bump and I definitely thought of it. But in the end it’s hard to argue my 12 year old (and highly modded) yz isn’t functionally as good as anything out there. Kind of annoying to not have a wide ratio on fire roads, but other than that she’s a runner.
  8. Wonderspoon

    CRF 150 Auto??

    Both can be done. Many people have left hand rear brakes on their auto clutch bikes, but it will be a different procedure for a rear disc. Possibly easier? EFM will modify any clutch to auto for a fee. You can look into that, or as noted before you can look into the pitster pro or other pit bike route.
  9. Wonderspoon

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    I was just down the west side of you on the lake at the house I grew up in. No bike but I do have fond memories of those trails and an XR 80 and later a 1983 kdx 200.
  10. Wonderspoon


    He’s coming off of decades of all time dominating riders and sharing space with another guy who’s often faster than him. We’re so drunk with who’s the next “best rider ever” for some reason and Jason isn’t going to be that guy.
  11. Wonderspoon

    Tickle Suspended

    I’m steering into it.
  12. Wonderspoon

    desert 100

    still mulling it over......
  13. Wonderspoon

    setting sag

    Those caps are crazy expensive. I think you’re better off finding a new fork or selling the bike than spending 200 bucks just to fix a 15 year old fork.
  14. Wonderspoon

    Tickle Suspended

    Shut up and be grateful
  15. 295 kit and a rekluse w/13oz fww and retarded timing with 14/52 gearing. It was too much. Ended up gearing up to 14/48 and love it now.