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  1. Tame map is supposed to be 250f territory? Maybe an even tamer map? Going off the .7 gallons of gas energy on the bike I’d work backwards from the range (50 would do it for me most of the time)
  2. That was my understanding.
  3. Stick and stones website says short sprint to the bike. Maybe a new feature this year?
  4. So now my wife is thinking this is a good family get together overnight and birthday present combo. As for the start, if I ride my yz instead of my XR I don’t have a kickstand. Anyone know how that would work with the sprint to the bike? I know they do short wood pieces at the 100.
  5. Thanks Steve. I am still up in the air. I like a good race, especially a tight one. It is kind of spendy. 160 bucks just for myself with ama membership. Bring the family and it’s close to a 300 dollar day with the gondola pass, water park, gas, food etc.
  6. Yeah, I had a season pass there a year but I have no idea how the race course lines up. Maybe more fun to just ride all day. You know my favorite squeeze. Think it’ll be open enough we can cut it out?
  7. I have found excuses not to go in the past but I’m curious about the gondola ride for spectators. Anyone have feedback? My family might come watch but is there much to see/do up top other than the race? My kids are 2 and 5 and would probably have fun if they had some open space to play, but if it’s just going to be roped off they’d probably have more fun playing at the water park.
  8. I'm 50/50. It is the first weekend of summer break! If so I'll be on a yz 300 or XR 280. The XR will get killed on the start but I kind of want to race it anyway.
  9. Deals are out there if you look for a while and don’t care about color. I picked up some forma predators for 329 flat last year. Great boot. Tons of protection and super comfy
  10. Big girls try harder
  11. Awesome. What a badass.
  12. Can’t recline the front seat?
  13. I see you know the beverage of my people
  14. Take them the piston and rings seems to be the going practice. I don’t know if it’s a tolerance thing or a check against incorrect customer information.